Zimbra Converter – Product Review


Presenting here a brief review of Zimbra Converter, v8.3 that is designed for extracting Zimbra Mail server database & backup in different applications – Microsoft Outlook, Exchange, Office 365 and Google Apps/Gmail. The application serves as a complete utility, helping every user to convert all their mailbox data (which includes mail messages, address book, calendars, briefcase etc.) from Zimbra to Microsoft Outlook PST file. It’s an All-in-One Conversion utility that boasts of the capabilities to satisfy users all kinds of conversion needs : right from emails and contacts to distribution lists, briefcase, tasks and calendars information.

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Specifications :

Product Name SoftSpire Zimbra Converter
Version 8.3
File Size 3.32 MB
Functionality Convert Zimbra mailboxes to UNICODE PST file
System Requirement Pentium II 400MHz, 64 MB RAM, Minimum 30 MB Space
Operating System Supported All Windows 32 and 64 bit editions – 10, 8.1, 8, 7, XP and earlier
Special Requirements MS Outlook (any UNICODE edition – 2016, 2013, 2010, 2007, 2003) must be installed in users’ system.
Direct Download http://www.downloads.softspire.com/SoftSpireZimbraConverter.exe


Working Procedure of Zimbra to PST Converter

The GUI of Zimbra Converter is a simple one and can be easily understood by all the users, and no technical skill are required for operating it either. The first screen of the software provides two options to select Zimbra mailboxes : Single mailbox Migration and multiple mailboxes migration, according to their needs.

Step #1 : Select Zimbra mailboxes

One of the major highlights of Zimbra to Microsoft Outlook PST Import Wizard, both these options commonly support batch migration.


  • Single Mailbox Migration selects and converts all the data types of a single user account into a Single UNICODE PST file.
  • Multiple Mailboxes Migration selects and converts every data item of multiple user accounts into individual PST file for every user account.


Step #2 : Delete Source Files after Conversion

Here in this step, you are provided with the option to either select or deselect the option to delete source files after conversion.

Step #3 : Select/Change destination to save Resultant files

Next, select or change the location where you want to save the converted Zimbra mailboxes into PST file.

Advantages of Using Zimbra to PST Converter

Single Utility = Unified Conversion solution : The software provides combined conversion of all the Zimbra items – emails, contacts, notes, briefcase, calendars etc., all integrated into a single PST file.

Time Management Tool: By converting multiple Zimbra user accounts to PST in batches, the software saves a lot of user’s time and efforts.

Maintains data accuracy : Zimbra – Microsoft Outlook PST Import Tool retains all the Zimbra data attributes in exact form.  Every converted item has the same details and nothing is lost or altered during the conversion process.

Supports multiple applications : After converting Zimbra database into PST using Zimbra Converter, users can easily import, access, view in MS Outlook, MS Exchange, Office 365.

Zimbra to Microsoft Outlook for Mac : The software provides a perfect platform to convert Zimbra to Microsoft Outlook for Mac, i.e. 2011, which easily supports and imports UNICODE PST file. Use the software in any Windows machine, convert Zimbra to PST and save the resultant PST files in Mac system having MS Outlook for Mac.

Operable in all Windows system : The software is highly compatible with all Windows edition, starting from the earliest editions 95, 98 etc. to the current Windows 10 edition.


In my opinion, Zimbra to PST Converter is the optimum solution for converting Zimbra mail to Microsoft Outlook, Office 365, Google Apps, Exchange and Gmail. With integrated conversion of all the Zimbra user accounts data, users find it very handy to use the software as the effort to look for separate conversion tools (for every item) is completely eradicated. There is no discrepancy in the conversion results, no matter how many times the software has been used and the number of files converted of any size.

Rating : 9.5/10 for me.

Note : Zimbra Converter can be tested for its performance using the FREE Demo edition. Download the software and start the evaluation now. Demo will convert all the selected mailboxes, but will watermark the converted PST file with the stamp “DEMO”.