Complete Windows 8 Review – Everything You Should Know



To review an operating system is an old practice because people use applications not operating systems. The operating system acts as a platform for different application so it is better to be as transparent as possible.

Features and Benefits

PC users expect that that their new windows should similar to the earlier one with new added features that enhance the performance. So here’s a review on Windows 8 which released on 26 October 2012 to check whether it meets its goal of having new ecosystem while still link to its roots or does it require new touch displays and many more as it has been in stores for quite some time.

Window 8 is more of touchscreen orientated and represent fundamental shift in way it traditionally work. It is available in two versions that is Windows 8 and Windows pro, later one is much more commonly available.

Windows 8 user interface is concerned it ties your Windows login to Microsoft account which is though optional but it will serve your Windows login and password as Microsoft login and password. This link will help to tighten the integration between the remote and new OS’s cloud based features. Windows 8 interface is the new start menu rather start button which pops small columns and icons after clicking it. All the applications in Window 8 open as tiles on start screen where you can search your application by typing its name. It auto sorts the list of the results as you type character. Although the start screen occupies whole display but desktop applications can still run on your computer. Moreover right clicking on computer will produce a bar of all assorted sensitive items. Navigating the screen is easy as you have to swipe right and left in case of a touchpad and scroll left or right in case using mouse.

For the lock up screen you can have customized background photo as well as select the notifications that will display. It even sees the calendar, appointments, see number of unread messages and mails weather forecast without entering password.

Windows 8 even increase the accessibility of people with limited vision and other disabilities as it has redesigned narrator that quickly  reads the selected text loud, more voice options are also available as expanded language support. UI Automation is also updated with more document content and text patterns.

Windows 8 system requires 1GB of RAM and 20GB of free disk space according to Microsoft. Other requirements are a 1GHz processor which supports NX, PAE, and SSE2, also 1,366 x 768 resolution and DirectX 9 graphics. If you’re running old OS, XP or Vista you can upgrade but Microsoft warns you that you have to reinstall you apps. It is not clear whether current laptop’s track pads would be able to support Windows 8 gestures although some updated drivers may let you perform the specific motions.

Final Verdict

I would like to conclude as Windows 8 works best when you are using it with fingers, it doesn’t matter what type of touchscreen you are having, as it has many features that are easy to use only with fingers but becomes frustrating when using with a mouse. It’s an OS with multitasking skills, tablet-style apps, which can be used on a tablet but you require apps like Snap, File explorer etc for more productive work. Windows have also been upgraded to 8.1 with better apps such as mails, people, calendar etc. The new 8.1 update re-engineered disappointing aspects of windows 8 and became better to use.