Microsoft Windows 10 Complete Review

Windows 10 Wallpaper HD

Windows 10 is a personal computer operating system owned by Microsoft. Windows 10 was officially unveiled on the August of 2015. As a promotional offer or in order to encourage its adoption Microsoft has made Windows 10 available for free to all the Windows users.

Windows 10 is not for any single professional exclusively like the business users with tablets and pcs etc. It’s more about balancing the needs and the demands of various different users. In their latest update in the form of Windows 10; Microsoft has successfully balanced the heritage on which Windows was built two decades ago with the new world of touch. En route Microsoft has made features like BYOD and consumerisation, which were introduced in Windows 8, more usable and comfortable for different IT teams by making them more user friendly, providing them with more security options and better management. One of the notable changes from its predecessor Windows 8 is the coming back of start menu which was immensely missed by the users of Windows 7. Microsoft has refined many of the features of Windows 8 and added many others to make it worth upgrading from Windows 7 or Windows 8.

Windows 10 is the most user-friendly and among the best of all the Windows the world has seen till date.

It is set to deliver new capabilities to PCs, tablets and phones with innovations like Microsoft Edge, Cortana, Continuum and Windows Hello. Also, Windows 10 is the most secure Windows ever. Voice, Pen and Gesture input allows you to more naturally interact with your PC hence making Windows 10 more personal and more productive which has always been the vision of Microsoft. The Start Menu has always been a useful tool of Windows. It allows the users to access the apps and features (commonly used) easily. The start menu was omitted in Win 8, because that update was catered more to touch screens but with the coming back of start menu the desktop friendly interface has returned, which was sorely missed by everyone.

Windows 10 is equipped with  Continuum which allows the users to easily pick up on work they left off while working on their Windows PC on their phone, and vice versa. The newly gained Universal nature of Windows allows it to be more interconnected between desktop and mobile. Windows 10 unlike its predecessors runs on DirectX12. It has improved the gaming performance many folds. The new Operating System makes multitasking easier and efficient because of the presence of easy quadrant “Window-Snapping”. This is the securest Windows ever made because of the presence of biometric program ‘Windows Hello’.  Along with the appropriate hardware, it makes it possible to use your fingerprints, iris scans or the face to unlock your computer.

Although the latest version of Windows OS has some cons too.

If you are using any particular software which is not manufactured by a big software giant then you might find some compatibility issues running that software on Windows 10. Most of the software need updates to make it compatible with Windows 10. Another problem associated with the Windows 10 is of obligatory updates. This update has forced some mandatory updates meaning they will be installed on your device even if you don’t want it. And if you are someone who gets irritated by all this then it’s better to wait a bit longer on Windows 10 but overall it’s a major upgrade to Windows 8 and far better than its predecessor.