What is Google Allo? Complete Information


ALLO is a mobile application developed by Google for messaging and chat. It works on both Android and iOS. It is Google’s new messaging app that incorporates company’s formidable search, machine learning and security technologies. It also allows you to make web searches and booking from your conversations. Allo also suggests replies to the messages based on the content and Incognito chat is also available, this enables end to end encryption for your messages. It was launched on 16 August 2016 and became one of the most famous and prominent messaging app.

Features of Google Allo

Google Assistant: Google assistant in Android Operating system has many features that provide detailed information through conversation it is advanced so that we can set up remainders and notifications as well. Allo plays a significant role in Google assistant it provides instant access and is of great use in group chats.

Enhanced interface: The Allo app has enhanced interface which provides easy access to the menu. It has many icons like start a chat, contacts, hang up and others. Group chats are also available.

Message & chat using Mobile numbers: The apps generally use email accounts to send or receive messages but Google Allo uses mobile numbers so that the users can message without providing Gmail accounts or others. This feature identifies every individual quickly and easily.

Smart Reply: The Allo app provides smart reply option which consists of phrases and responses for the messages instantaneously so that users need not to type for every single response.

Incognito chat & Encryption: The Allo app provides incognito chat which has end to end encryption so that it secures all the messages by default. The encryption provides more security to the conversations so that the users need not to worry about their privacy. Smart reply and Assistant are disabled while users go for incognito mode.


  • Instant messaging and group chat
  • No email accounts and passwords
  • Easy to use
  • Easy switch between the menu
  • Secured Encryption


  • It’s not a web/desktop enabled application
  • Convinced integrity performance


Google Allo is one of the smartest messaging mobile apps. It has many features which enhance its performance compared to other messaging apps and makes it more comfortable for user’s personal conversational chats. The app provides privacy and security to the messages besides many advantages there are few limitations like integrity issues and it is not available as desktop applications. Thus; Google Allo has made a significant impact among users.