Viber is giving wink in order to rule the social networking platforms


Viber, the popular messaging application just like snapchat has updated their version to 5.7. This includes a surprising feature which is called the Viber wink. As everyone expects from an application which is vividly inspired from snap chat, wink helps to take a photo or a short video, with a text overlay and to choose how long it can be viewed such as 1, 3, 7 or 12 seconds or no time limit. The fun here is once the receiver sees the video or the photo the message automatically gets deleted. Since it is a personal application of the Viber so there is no surprise that the wink will allow only to share the captures with the friends or group of people present in the Viber only. Though the users can use Wink for free on iphone and Android but they only need the version 5.7

Ofir Eyal, head of product at Viber said that the users want more control over their messages thus they are so keen to develop their options of viewing the message only for some seconds or limited time. Viber wink thus provides a unique capability of hiding the user’s privacy by this application. It is free for download and can run on only one operation system which is iOS. Now what is new in this version 5.7? Here not only the wink option is available but the group chats are more detailed where it is possible to know whether the message is being read or not. The design is more enhanced to the introduction screens and all of the previous bugs are fixed. So, this new version comes up with a better experience of personal chats, social refreshment and betterment of view. Viber that is mainly popular for its unique facility which allows making free calls to any other contacts connected to the internet has managed to collect a great response by its newer version

A source has said that Rakuten Group- owned Viber will soon release its wink facility for android users too. He believes that wink is a great example of putting users in charge but in a fun way. But it is not only the single competitor for snapchat because Microsoft brought Skype Qik with all the required features. Though Facebook had also launched Slingshot but it recently has removed its existence from the app store.

Apart from all the ups and downs, Viber has managed to hold a great position in the market but its unique wink facility which also proves how these days people are getting more private and more funny in terms of their social relationships.