What are the 5 Changes in Facebook in 2016?


Facebook is the most popular and widely used online social networking service. Mark Zuckerberg with bunch of his fellow mates and roommates launched it on February 4, 2004, Earlier it was limited to Harvard students only, but later got expanded to colleges in the Boston area and other Ivy Leagues. Since 2006, it has been made available to everyone who’s above the age of 13 (depending on the local laws).  Once the user has registered to the site by creating a user profile, he can add other fellow users as friends. Then they can exchange stuff like messages, photos or even videos and location. Additionally, the users have the option of joining common-interest user groups. As of December 2015, Facebook has 1.9 billion registered users.

On its journey to widespread acceptance Facebook has encountered numerous changes and evolved a lot. With the New Year come new expectations and new responsibilities to cater the needs of a billion users. To cater to these needs the changes brought in Facebook in the year of 2016 are:

  1. The biggest change observed in social media is the accelerated evolution of these platforms into “everything platforms”. Initially, Facebook was launched for connecting student groups within college but now Facebook isn’t only about connecting with friends. It’s more of a workplace productivity tool now, a platform for sharing videos and a streaming platform, a place to shop, etc.
  2. Facebook, has launched a beta version of Messenger Business, which offers a new chat-based avenue for companies to have personal conversations with customers. Facebook has imminently launched Facebook at Work making it possible for Businesses to incorporate social tools for the purpose of streamlining the internal communications, helping the sales staff reaching the customers, and, of course, in the field of marketing and advertising too.
  3. The users have long awaited for dislikes button. Well, the Facebook has not graced the users with the same but it had made a variety of emoticons available to its users to express their feelings on a particular post. They have given user some new ways to express themselves. Apart from this Facebook is set to earn a lot of profits in form of data.
  4. Recently Facebook has changed the News Feed algorithm. This will make sure that you don’t come across posts you are not interested in. It’ll be determined by assessing your activity on similar posts like how much the user likes, comments or shares that type of posts. This new News feed Algorithm invented by Facebook will increase the interaction rates.
  5. There have been many other changes made by Facebook this year for ex. In the posts made by the pages, the posts with embedded links will be pushed up by Facebook and simultaneously. It’ll pull down the text-only updates. And as far as the posts from your friends go, the text updates from your friends will be given more preference by Facebook. The linking of Facebook with Whatsapp has been another amendment made by Facebook this year. You can now either import your Facebook profile info to your Whatsapp profile info. With the latest update a major overhaul is expected in contacts sections which will link your Whatsapp contacts to your Facebook friends, improving the experience of social networking.

Final Verdict

With the passage of time, Social media is not only serving the purpose of socializing, we can get work done on these sites, buy stuff etc. This trend is set to pace up in the coming time and hence the inevitable changes in the platforms are set to happen.