Top 10 Most Popular SmartPhone Apps of 2015


If we consider smartphone as one form of a coin, then Apps installed in it is another stage. And both of them have equal significance for its users. With the growth of smartphones, app market has also risen up with millions of apps being produced and developing every year.

Today, in that respect is no shortage of mobile apps and mobile app development companies. Mobile Apps are available for every category; be it social, games, office tools, photography, fashion, music  or video; but only a few of them rules. In a study of US smartphone market, Nielsen disclosed the top 10 most popular smartphone apps of 2015 and not much surprisingly the technology giants, Facebook and Google won the race.

List of Tops 10 Most Popular Smartphone Apps


From the above graph it’s clear that, Facebook has the highest average unique users and Facebook messenger has the highest year-over-Year change i.e. Of 31%.; In comparison with the year 2014. After that; YouTube records the second highest average unique user, but has the year-over-Year change of 5%.

Since, four different positions (4 to 6) are grabbed by Google products; we can say that the Google is not just ruling the hearts of desktop users, but also the smartphone users. The survey clarifies that the Apps market are strongly held by big brands, but name of twitter is still missing. May be it will acquired the 11th or 12th position if we see the list of top 20 most popular apps.

These stats are based on the survey done by the Nielsen for US smartphone users from January 2015 to Oct 2015 and by looking at the bars; I can say that my favorite one is Instagram which I use often.

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