A Little Edge to Samsung S7- Samsung S7 Edge review



Latest high end smartphones has raised the bar with its better screen; camera as well as speed in addition to this has waterproof, decent batter, expandable storage too. Samsung’s latest smartphone S7 Edge takes the best bits of previous year’s Galaxy S6 and improved them into a curved screen with the dimensions of a normal-sized smartphone.

Design, Feature and Other Specifications

Design hasn’t always been Samsung’s strong part which you can see in its previous phones. There was a much required change which came with the release of S7 Edge, metal and glass available in black and gold with curved display. The Galaxy S7 Edge is gorgeous and appeals the eye the most. It even makes the iPhone 6 plus looks bulkier, outdated and boring. The surface looks just like Samsung S7. A metal rim is placed in slabs of Gorilla Glass 4 just like a sandwich. The lock switch is placed on one side whereas volume keys on the other. The back has a Samsung logo, camera sensor and a heart rate monitor. The top contains sim tray and microSD slot as well whereas bottom is designed for tiny speaker, which is quite disappointing, headphone jack and USB port for charging. Galaxy S7 Edge’s is featured with fingerprint sensor that is just as fast as all the other high end smartphones.

The size has been changed from its predecessor S7 from 5.1-5.5 inches just to differentiate and keep edge as a high end device. Although at first I was bit annoyed with the change as S7 had large screen with compact size but later on I observed that S7 edge is also compact and lighter. When compared with iPhone 6 plus Samsung S7 edge do share same screen size but later feels to be smaller, shorter, narrower and also much lighter which made it more comfortable and handy.

Samsung has brought back another feature from the Galaxy S5 that is an IP68 rating for water-resistance. So basically you can use your phone in rain without any issue or even use it while doing various household activities. Phone will not be damaged as it can withstand for 30 minutes under water.

Camera and Battery

Edge has very fast charging and battery life is excellent as it can last for around 2 days. It also have 12MP camera which give bright distinctive pictures. It focuses very fast which is an added feature. Camera produces best blur free pictures in poor light. The 5MP front camera is quite well but it could be improved as it lacks fine details.

Screen Appearance

The Edge AMOLED screen is the best with its pin-sharp, deep blacks and rich colors. Range of brightness is great from very bright to see under sunlight to dim. It has 5.5 HD quad panels which make everything look beautiful from movies to games to images. The new Always on Display feature is there which show time, date and other information while phone is off without eating your battery so you don’t have to switch on your phone every time to see time. This is quite a useful feature but requires improvement as it it will show information of only default apps.

Final Verdict

The Samsung Galaxy S7 screen is awesome, the phone is super fast, the battery can last for almost 2 days, it is water resistant, has a microSD card slot, a high resolution camera and also wireless charging, in short it’s a phone to fall for. Moreover the curved edge gives added edge to the phone when compared with all other phones as it is more manageable, comfortable, 5.5 inch screen gives you feel of a 5 inch screen. But has some cons like battery isn’t removable, won’t get updates as fast as Nexus and also microSD card isn’t as useful as it should. Overall it’s a quite good phone in the market.