Samsung Gear S2 Complete Review


Samsung has been in wearable Market since many years without much of a success as compared to the Apple’s Smartwatch, which became the number one smartwatch but Samsung surprised us when it launched the Gear S2, after taking a huge leap over its earlier Gear S. Its fully circular Tizen-powered smartwatch is truly worth our attention with a nifty rotating bezel. One of the biggest drawbacks in smartwatch is that they require a phone as well and doesn’t work independently but Samsung came up with a beautifully designed smartwatch that work without any cellphones. Yes, it’s a watch with its own phone.

Release date of Samsung Gear S2 was October 2, 2015 in US.The Samsung Gear S2 is available in two editions that is the standard Gear S2, the basic model which cost around Rs 23,500 and the classic look, the Gear S2 Classic which cost approximately Rs 24,000. Samsung has designed the watch considering the preference of their customers for timeless designs and have made their mark. The watch is available in both silver grey as well as slightly darker shade of grey. It feels to be like a feather, very light weight, and comfortable on wrist. Although with the dimensions of 42.3×49.8×11.4mm people might think it to be bulky when compared to 11.5mm width of Moto 360 but it is not at all bulky in fact it is much lighter and feels premium.

Features and Specs

The rotating bezel and circular display enhances the beauty of the watch. With the help of the bezel you can scroll down the menu and apps of the watch rather directly touching the screen although you can tap or swipe on watch screen but this is not actually Samsung want you to use your watch. You will also feel a slight click while turning the bezel which will allow you to select without looking at the screen of the watch. This works mechanically so you don’t have to worry about battery drain.

Samsung also included back and home buttons, based on Android style, on the side of watch but it is quite confusing that which button is which make it a fiddly process rather making it easier as there is no difference in the buttons.

Display of the Samsung Gear S2 has an AMOLED screen with 360×360 resolution and pixel density of 301ppi which is protected by Gorilla Glass 3 that protects from scratches and damages.

It consists of 512MB of RAM coupled with 1GHz Exynos 3250 processor and 4GB storage. It is also dust and water resistant as it has IP68 rating and can survive if caught in rain.

Samsung Gear also features Bluetooth and Wi-Fi connectivity capabilities. Sensors are also included so that it could track down your daily activities. It shows them in blocks where green indicates that you were quite active while yellow tells you were not that active and grey shows no movement at all but at times it was not that accurate. We can even monitor our excising routine which is quite accurate.

When battery life is concerned it lasts for 2 to 3 days on single charging when saving mode is on otherwise around 24 hours similar to that of Apple’s watch.

Final Verdict

There is no doubt that it is best smartwatch company has designed but there are few issues like if apps are not on Tizen then you can’t use the app. Connection stability is also one of the issue which company needs to solve. Apart from these issues it is worth a buy as you don’t require to carry your phone in short it is a mini-phone.