SAMSUNG GALAXY S7 !!! Rumours or Reality-Lets look at the specs


Much time has not passed, since the day when Samsung Galaxy S6 launched. And the rumours are banging heads of Samsung Lovers with the excitement of the launch of its successor , The Samsung Galaxy S7. It is assumed that model name would be S7 due to the naming conventions Samsung keeps for all its phone series.

You really want to know and I must say, users must be excited enough to know about what new and apart from S6 in the new S7. It is also being predicted that new Samsung Galaxy S7 will come up with two models.

If you are a Samsung Lover and really wants for a new feature that it provides you, lets have a look to the features and specs it would be coming in its new Samsung Galaxy S7.

Lets first have a talk about its Release Date and then come to its price that is the foremost thing to look upon.

Well! The Galaxy S6 was launched in 2015, where as S5 broke through the market in 2015. The market expectations with Galaxy S7 are quite high and few says it will be launched in  February of 2016. And with this saying we can expect the phone to be up in market and showcase the shelves of the stores by the end of  March or early April.

Few are even expecting it to hit the market even before February ,as Samsung dis start its work on Galaxy S7 quite earlier , the product may be released in January also.

The product is being developed under the codename Project Lucky. The device would attract the customers who really seeks for internal memory as it include the huge Ram of 3Gb , as initially prototype was made and featured with 4 GB RAM

Moreover, The product would contain quad-core Snapdragon 820, and octa-core Exynos with in two of Galaxy’s new models, respectively.

Both the models are expected to be launched with a slight variation in their sizes.

If we talk about the most essential and considerable feature of a mobile phone after its processor and internal memory concerns, that is nothing but Camera. The company could try for the best of its camera from its predecessors until the day. Moreover , this time company would try to over come with the camera related issues which is nothing but the result of their interest in BRITECELL technology. For sure the customers would experience this device significantly among all the Galaxy Series Mobile Phones.

It is expected to unveil the product with more slim feature, as in technology more smarter is being more thinner and sleek too.

It is also being assumed that that this time with the launch of S7 would be the high –end smartphone and may come up with the microSD card slot. It is also rumoured that the Samsung will change its decisions of removing SD card slot due to its customer’s demand.

This time devices may vary their screen size as always with 5.2 inch and 5.7 inch flat display and curvy edges upside down.

The device is much awaited among Galaxy lovers. That’s all about the predictions and rumours about Samsung Galaxy S7 upcoming models.