All New Samsung Galaxy S7 Complete Review


Smartphones, compact super computers, are meant to be big as larger screen for more fun to play games, to browse the internet, read articles, watch movies and much more but whether we really need our phones to big? To be honest big phones are just pain in the neck. They won’t fit your pocket, difficult to handle, easy to drop, clumsy to hold and many more. Do we really want our phones to be a problem rather than helping device? So to solve this, Samsung has come up with a new smartphone Galaxy S7 at price of around Rs 44,200 to 50,000 depending on carrier.

The Samsung S7 model isn’t much of difference when compared with its predecessor Samsung S6; it just looks like its clone due to same shape and size that is why became less interesting. S6 was the one which could actually stand next to iPhone so Samsung didn’t redefined S7 look instead they took what was best in S6 so that they can produce something better than its previous one.

Looks & Features

The S7 has acquired the Note 5’s curved glass back to offer solid grip and make it much more comfortable to hold, but at expense of its thicker profile. It has shiny metal-glass back body, which is a problem as it leaves print of our fingers all over its back that has to be constantly cleaned or have to be bounded in a case which everyone surely hates to do. The home button and the camera don’t protrude as much as in S6, which is quite welcoming. Build quality is solid, justifying its premium status. It is also IP68 rated which means it won’t affect from accidental drops or spills, it is water resistant, and so you can easily make calls while raining, you don’t have to worry if juice spills over your phone or water splashes while doing household works. The S7 can withstand upto 30 minutes under water which all high end phones should.

It came with a new processor with 4GB RAM, 32GB/64GB of built-in storage that can be extended up to 200GB with microSD card. It didn’t show any trouble while playing games or doing other activities. Fingerprint scanner one 6 or Nexus.


The battery life of S7 model is appreciated with 3,000mAh cell, 17.6% larger battery. The bigger battery of S7 had no trouble lasting through an entire day. It even supports fast charging as well as fast wireless charging which makes it easy for the users.


Camera is one of the important aspects of a smartphone, and the Galaxy S7 has made a mark with its excellent picture quality from 12MP lens. It takes very less time to launch and focus as well. Although camera has a lower resolution when compared to S6 but it has larger pixels and also bright lens. It has a better low light performance. Optical image stabilization is still there and can also record video upto 4K. S7 has new dual pixel technology which is found in DSLR camera which produces bright, sharp image. The effects are also quite noticeable while shooting video. Overall camera gives an extra edge to the phone.

To sum up Samsung S7 has redefined design, comfortable to carry, waterproof, expandable memory and very good camera, which was the most exciting part of this smartphone, can give good competition to the leading smartphones.