All New iPhone 6 Lighter Case – Know What it is?


Now that winter is here, all of us will need that extra bit of warmth to keep ourselves rolling and ZONE OF VARIETY AND EXCELLENCE has made just the right thing for us.


The entire package comes in a non-descriptive packaging and the reason for that is probably because of what’s inside. It comes with a fancy foam cutout with Z.V.E. etched into it. It comes with a micro-usb cable, probably for charging the case and finally the fairly bulky iPhone case. It’s bulky for a reason and that’s because this bad boy has a bottle opener and a lighter built into it! If you look closer, you’ll notice a small incision whose purpose is hard to understand. On closer inspection you’ll notice that it is a tripod mount for your iPhone and you might be like “HOLY MOTHER OF MULTIFUNCTION!!!” Well, it doesn’t end there! This case also protects your phone from any sort of damage.

phone-case1Diving into the case itself, you might feel that the built in lighter is probably one of the most bizarre inclusions ANYONE could ever put in a smartphone case but that’s not all! It’s got a bottle opener too. I mean if you’re smoking cigarettes, you might as well want a beer to go with it!  (NOTE: I DO NOT ENCOURAGE SMOKING OR CONSUMPTION OF ALCOHOLIC BEVERAGES) I’m just trying to bring forward the bizarreness of this invention!


That brings us to the case itself. The lighter, which you’ll find below the bottle-opener, is covered but a latch that’s held in place with a lock. That’s an essential thing as if the latch was to open while the phone was I your pocket, it would indeed give you a hot thigh!phone-case2

The features do not end there. Like I mentioned earlier, this case comes with an additional tripod mount.

You might be wondering what you would do with that. The iPhone 6 does have the capability to record videos in 4K…just in case you had forgotten.

phone-case3So, we have a case for the iPhone, a bottle opener, a tripod mount and most importantly, the flamethrower! Technically, speaking, it doesn’t really spurt out flames but it does the job!This case can not only light up a cigar or a cigarette (if you’re not someone Fancy Town) but also any form of flammable article! So, if you’re someone in the post apocalyptic era, where you have no means of lighting a fire but you’ve just caught a rabbit and you need to grill it to eat it, this little baby might just come handy!

Thus, having an additional fire source on you at any point of he day might be interesting. And does it suck in anyway? Not at all! The Z.V.E. iPhone lighter case does exactly what it said it would do!

Now, if you want to buy this case for your iPhone 6, you could do so from AMAZON. The case comes in three colors- Black, Blue and Green but here in India, you’ll just get the black version.

It will cost you around 2500 INR but it’s really worth every pie, that is, without the discount, which is available only in the U.S.A.

To wrap it all up, it is indeed a fancy collectible that might want to consider.