Mozilla Firefox Updates to 64 Bit Version


In a recent announcement, Mozilla confirms that it has updated its most popular products, THE Mozilla Firefox. With its update a lot of feature and improvements have been done within the browser to enhance its functionality and user experience.

Here is the list of features and changes that has been constituted within the new variant of Mozilla Firefox:

  1. The browsers will now provide Address Bar suggestions while you type in something. But this feature will work best if your search history is saved.
  2. This new updated version Firefox will now remove or disable all the extensions that are not associated with it
  3. This new version will help to stop ad tracking and will work more efficiently to block the malicious sites and any harmful links
  4. It provides a new private window for browsing so as to keep themselves away from the cookies generated by the various sites to track personal data.
  5. There will be an option available with the name “Strict” in order to prohibit the ad trackers found in videos, images, and various login sites.
  6. This new update will also make the searching and gaming much faster than it earlier.

Although this new announcement from Mozilla is useful for its users it has come out as a surprise for many. This is because Mozilla has recently said that it will stop developing and producing a Firefox OS and Thunderbird software. After all these, a new update has come out as a ray of hope for its users that Mozilla it’s still active. Although Mozilla claims that Firefox 64 bit is better than its earlier version it will not support some the plug-ins of 32 bit version because they both supports different types of extensions.