Mobile Phones: Social or Anti Social?


Advent of Mobiles phones have made communication much easier than it ever was but with each passing day people are getting addicted to it. This situation springs up the matter Whether Mobile Phones are Social or Anti Social.  To derive any conclusion lets discuss the various advantages and disadvantages of having a mobile phone.

Advantages of Having a Mobile Phone

  1. Remember the time when there were no mobile phone and we have to rely on regular postal / letters or Landline the connectivity was very poor. Going on any emergency news or getting in contact with your loved ones was difficult. Yet, nowadays, with Mobile phones we can remain plugged in with our loved ones 24×7.
  2. You feel safer having a mobile phone because it makes you understand that you are only a call away from your kin. Specially for adult females who always has that insecurity of getting attacked in this Men dominant world.
  3. Parents are now more relieved as far as the security of their kids are concerned. They can talk or stay connected with them all the time to ensure their safety.
  4. The introduction of mobile phones use also helps the country to grow the economy as cell phone industries are getting huge profits. It has also contributed in cutting away the unemployment.
  5. From the security point of views, it’s easy for cops to track the location of any one and make it easier to resolve the cases like kidnapping, murder, accident or missing person.
  6. Mobile phone has also increased the business opportunities for many people who want to directly connect with consumers to make them aware about the services. Via text messaging offers and services can be easily presented to the any one widely and quickly.

Disadvantages of Mobile Phone

  1. Cell phone addictions one of the biggest disadvantages. They like to use mobile phones rather than sit and chat with family or friends. Social life is suffering a bit.
  2. Wastage of time is an also a reason why most of parents don’t want their kids to use mobile phones. They find it more interesting to chat / message than to read books and study.
  3.  Wastage of Money: We don’t mind paying the bills of our mobile phones, but we do think twice to buy fruits. The duration of talk has increased and important things are being ignored.
  4. Major health issues like eyesight weakness, hearing loss, memory loss, cancer, brain tumour are the diseases whose reason are overuse of Mobile phones.
  5. It has become a big time distraction while you are sitting in library, restaurant, travelling or looking for some peace. It rings all the time; sometime of yours sometime of others.
  6. Mobile phone battery and cell phone towers are not at all environmental friendly. The radiations from them had serious health troubles and may even touch on human mental capacity.
  7. There are security and privacy breaches too. Due to the SIM card that we use, our locations are easily traceable.

With above comparison, one thing which is really clear that mobile phones have its own value for the users. Using it sensibly and properly makes it the biggest boon for human society at the same time over indulging in mobile phones and isolating yourself from the people of course makes cell phone Antisocial.