Li-Fi is 100 Times Faster than Wi-Fi


LiFi stands for Light Fidelity and it is a light based wireless communication technology just like Wi-Fi. LiFi is the future of the internet and it will work along with other communication systems like Wi-Fi and others. It is invented by professor Herald Hass, which uses the light emitted from LED’s (Light Emitting Diodes) to transfer the data or information from one place to another.

How Does the LiFi Works?

The whole concept of LiFi moves around the utilization of Light. The Visible light communication medium works to switch on and off the LED in a very high speed, unnoticeable by the human eye, to transfer the signal.  The LED bulbs that we use in our homes or offices have a chip, which can modulate the light and transmit the data at a very high speed. These transmitted data will be further received by photoreceptor cells; which can convert light in signals and this is how the LiFi will help to establish a wireless communication.

Future Advantages of Li Fi technology:

Being one of the latest the inventions in the optical Wireless communication system, LiFi has already grabbed the user attention in social media. Let’s see what all advantages and features Li Fi will bring to us:

  • If the radio spectrum gets overloaded, LiFi can recompense the need of speed and data transfer by unlocking the visible light spectrum, which is 10,000 times greater than the radio spectrum.
  • Since the light cannot penetrate through the walls, LiFi will have a shorter range, giving you the protection from the hacking.
  • In the future, LiFi will enable more faster and reliable internet connection to compensate the requirements of the data usage.
  • LiFi can be used in electromagnetic sensitive areas and thus it can be used in aircraft cabins, hospitals, research centers and other sensitive environments.
  • Since the capacity of Wi-Fi is depleting, LiFi has no such limitations of capacity, thus it can easily fulfill the requirement of internet or data transfer.
  • Some other great advantage of LiFi is that it is 10 times cheaper than WiFi.
  • It is a highly secured network because it’s almost impossible for any to intercept it without having a clear line of sight.

Potential Disadvantages of Li Fi technology:

Every new innovation has both its pros and Cons. So here is the list of drawbacks that we have to overcome to switch to LiFi

  • Due to its lack of penetration, LiFi has a very short range of transmission
  • In order to make it work, we need to have a clear line of sight
  • Light has to be on to transmit the data else it won’t work
  • It’s not much reliable due to its dependency upon light and short range
  • The installation cost will be high

Li Fi has indeed been a great invention and may revolutionize the current internet communication system, but how and when we have to wait for that.