Marshmallow it is ! Want to know more ??


Yes!! It is not a thing you all know about Android, this time android has come up with new update,its Marshmallow. Its an extension of the features of lollipop. And it has emerged as the latest Google OS version , It is shining with some of its features and it is falling somewhere.

Though, everyone is using lollipop these days, here we would not look to the existing features but look at the major features and improved areas of the new OS,where they are missing few features too.

Marshmallow has been integrated in to Google’s new products, Nexus 5x and Nexus 6P, which has included new security features and has also improved alot in terms of usability.

The devices works good on very dark modes when it comes to camera and the fingureprint scanner is the advance feature.

Google had released the date on may 28th that an update will be coming in android and revealed its name on 17th august , and also made an announcement of nexus new device on September 29, 2015.

Marshmallow is similar to lollipop in case of predecessor. The google material language is now more extensive and the user interface in terms of settings and notification area and navigation.It has come up with new appearance that is more attractive than lollipop.

Whats New in Marshmallow?

Lock screen is almost same as in lollipop, as in lollipop it has shortcuts of camera and call cialer in the bottom of its corner, marshmallow has changed the dialer shortcut with Google’s voice search which is indicating that voice commands are completely integrated in marshmallow.

The voice search is the feature and the response depends on the complexity of search and the internet speed too. Applications can be launched from the lock screen using voice command.

Home screen also has the access to the voice commands and the home screen has been dedicated to the search bar and is same as lollipop.

The app driver has come up with few changes like the process and the appearance is slightly different from has included a new scrubber bar on its right to jump to the particular alphabet. It is now more easy to go through the apps in vertical manner than earlier and the interesting feature is that now app can be searched using voice command.

Marshmallow has two quick setting and notification areas and and can be easily swiped down for the use and notifications can be seen live and this panel can be managed to have quick access.

There is dismiss all button for the applications opened in the notification area which simply works as lollipop.quick setting area now includes the remaing battery alert. And on the notification shade area there is a display of time and date. Multiple user mode is added and one can use the phone as guest user in guest mode now.

Animations are the largest part behind the development of marshmallow . All the transitions those are made in between apps and the pages of interface are accomplished by animations only, and various settings  regarding Easter Egg are need to be done in future as in lollipop it was Flappy Bird clone and marshmallow looks are not that good so improvements are underneath,as the same Flappy bird have come in marshmallow and for sure make over to its look need to be done.

Overall, Marshmallow is the smartest and fastest update of Android that has been developed yet. Android users are really seeking for an update of Marshmallow. Not only google phones but company like wicked leak is also providing early update of Marshmallow in their new handset Wammy Titan 5 that has just launched last month.

So, you must be waiting for an update in your handset or rushing to buy nexus 5x or nexus 6P creating great charm in Google and Android lowers.