iPhone is Yahoo’s Top Searched Term of 2015


Recently, Yahoo has released the list of its top searches of 2015 for different categories. This list consists of Yahoo’s top searched, yahoo‘s Top searched gadgets, Yahoo’s top searched Artists and Top searched questions.

You can read the complete report of Yahoo’s Top Searches 2015 Here

While I was going through this list, I observed that iPhone is one month the list of the top searched terms in 2015; that too in top 10. Isn’t it remarkable?

Yes, it is; but it would not be surprising if we check the growing popularity and sale of the Apple iPhone. In the past few years iPhone has become a style statement for its users and Apple puts all its efforts to be on the top. Despite being pricy as compared to its competitors, there is no declination in iPhone lovers instead they are growing day by day.

Recently, I read the 16 cool facts about Mobile phone, where it has been written that in the year 2012, Apple created the record by selling 340, 000 phones per day. It was like selling 4 phones in a second. And later in the year 2015, on September 28, 3 days after launching iPhone 6s & 6S plus, apple announced that it has successfully sold 13 million plus new iPhones within just 3 days of launch (I too bought one ;).

After being listed as the Top searched terms in Yahoo in year 2015, the popularity of iPhone does not need any other proof. With respect to these achievements let’s have a quick look at the updates and milestones of iPhone by Apple in the year 2015.

8th June 2015

  1. Apple announced the launch of a new app for news readers. The News app comes with iOS to provide users an experience of reading latest news and articles in an uncluttered and simple format.
  2. A preview of new iOS 9 has been released by Apple for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch devices. This previews claimed that iOS has become more powerful and effective in terms of functionally and search that too without compromising the privacy of users.

31 August 2015

  1. Apple and Cisco announced their partnership and now work together to create a fast lane for iOS business users by optimizing Cisco networks for iOS based devices and applications. iPhone will be integrated with Cisco enterprise environs and provide exclusive collaboration on iPhone & iPad.

9th September 2015

  1. Apple announces the launch of its most advanced iPhone ever. IPhone 6s & 6S Plus has been released with better features, functionalities and battery life. This new version of the iPhone now has 3D touch screen and live photos option to bring pictures to life. During the announcement, the senior vice present of Apple’s World Wide Marketing said,“The only thing that has changed with iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s plus is everything.”
  2. Apple announced that iOS 9, the world’s most advanced mobile OS will be available for free Update for iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch users on 16 September. This new version iOS will make your device even more proactive and powerful.
  3. IPhone 6s & 6S plus hits the Apple retail stores on 25th Stores made this brand new iPhone available for the customers who were showing their interest to buy it.
  4. Just after the 3 days of the launch of iPhone 6S & 6S plus Apple announced its record breaking sale of 13 million & more new iPhones. Also, they made it available in other 40 countries from 9th October 2015 onwards.

8th October 2015

  1. For the Harry Potter fans, Apple introduced the enhanced edition of all seven books of the Harry Potter series written by K. Rowling’s; on it e-book store. Readers across the world can now enjoy reading these books on their iPhone, iPad, iPod touch and Mac directly from e-book store.

8th December 2015

  1. In order to improve the overall battery like to up to 25 hours, Apple launched an Official smart battery charging cases for iPhone 6S & 6S Plus available in Apple online stores in just $99. These new cases are available in two different colors: Charcoal and Black.
  2. Apple released iOS 9.2; an update of iOS 9. This new version now makes it possible for the users to import iPhone images directly from Camera USB. Along with the support of USB Camera adapter and there are many new improvements in the iBook, News app and Apple music.

Since the year 2015 is almost over, we all are keen to know that new apple is going to bring in new in the year 2016. Assumptions are many and this Ruler of Mobile phone industry will definitely move out of the boundaries to make the technology even more simplified for us. In between this New Year and Christmas, the iPhone 7 rumors and specs is already springing up. But we can wait for 2016 to come and see what Apple has in its pocket to offer us.