iOS 9 Faster, Smarter, Convenient What Else?? Have a Look!


iOS is appreciated by everyone for its more productive and essential features. iOS 9 is even more smarter than ever with its more secure features and reliable performance of battery . The built-in  apps are more interesting to know about, those are more powerful than ever before and are keen productive for everyday use like- mail, messages, browsing things on internet , maps , notes for future use and many more.

Make productive notes:  It has been the need

Whenever you feel like write the notes just put your hands on the keys because this time it is easier to use your apple device for protecting your thoughts. Make plans for every day and save them.

Moreover, this time it has provided you with a feature where you can add a photograph and the eye catching feature is to stick a map or its relative location link to your note. What else you can do, that is more exciting, that is to paint sketch using finger. One can make changes in to their notes and that would be updated across all their devices and on cloud too. So you will be finding your updated notes on you apple device and iCloud.

Even if you are using some another app then also you can make notes just by tapping the share button and a new note of the page will be created where you did tap to make a note. You can manage your notes in simple views so that you can find them easily whenever in need.

Make checklist and easy to organize it whenever you need to go for shopping and visit the mall for grocery and you can tick off them as you buy them.

As we have already described to you that you can access all your notes whenever and wherever you need. No matter where,  you created them on your mac or on your I pad, you can access it on your phone when you go out for shopping and tick off the list as you buy them.

Get around with the maps

You can easily find out the things whenever you are out of the place, going for stations and metros. Whenever you plan any route it would track each of your steps.

It would facilitate you with new transport view and helps you to route the public transport related information and directs you to the correct path.

If you are in a city where metro runs, you can easily recognize the signs and able to catch the nearest metro and the further path.

 All your files can be organized

The new iOS 9 allows you to access any file you have saved to iCloud from. Now you can easily see that and organize these files using your iPhone. You can browse all your dates, names and tags that you have added on your device. You can also organize file in better manner, and you need not to move in between apps.

Well, there are many other new features those are successfully lead to fascination and may attract you a lot. iOS 9 has come up with many exciting features in Mail. Now you can add comments and drawings to the attached photographs. Isn’t it surprising? Search option is much faster than before and can help you find an email that you have attached earlier or received. Moreover, this time it would be more fast to attach the files that you have in your iCloud.

Now in iOS you need not to close one tab if you want to use another one. This is the slide over feature.

Using split view one can go a step further and can use two apps those are open and active simultaneously.
If you watching a video and have some notification press the home and your video screen will scale down to the corner of your display and you will be able to see both video and notification. So keep watching your favorite show and check the notification simultaneously.
Overall it is a smarter way to think about anything and everything with iOS 9. Creating secure and attractive emails, presentations, downloading from iCloud and face time everything has empowered. Along with tighter security and more convenient battery so that your device can work more smarter and faster.