How to Increase your Internet Speed?


The Internet is by far the most important technological invention for some. It is a global system of different computer networks by the use of Internet protocol suite (TCP/IP) linking billions of devices worldwide. It can be interpreted as a network of other networks consisting of millions of other business, private, public, academic and government networks to a global scope. The uses of internet are infinite and can’t be listed in any a mere article. But as the times have changes value of time has increased and people have become hasty. Because of this a slow internet connection is something which can test anybody’s patience in this fast paced world.

There are some hacks and tips to increase your internet speed.

First of all check your internet speed. In order to do that log on to any internet speed testing website and after running the tests get to know your internet downloading and uploading speeds. There are many such websites available on the internet all you have to do is type it in the search bar of Google and hit it. The biggest reason for a slow internet speed can be that you are uploading something from your pc over the internet. So, the first way paradoxically enough, to increase your internet speed is to make sure you are not uploading anything. Typical internet connections are asymmetrical meaning download bandwidth is more than the upload bandwidth. So, if you are uploading a picture, a video or performing any online backup in the background, you might find your internet speed dropping substantially.

Once you have ensured that there is no uploading of anything going then comes the time to check the physical infrastructure. The TCP/IP protocol is used to send data across the Internet. It is designed to be redundant. This means that if an item doesn’t get to your PC which is its intended destination, then there are other ways to resend the information. This redundancy is actually good thing as it makes certain that Web pages and the content are loaded properly, even during times of delay  but it can also be the reason of certain problems. If your device which is connected by a poor Ethernet cable or you are using the internet over a wireless connection your connection will exhibit both slow downloads and also repeated timeouts. It can be solved by using Better cables (or repositioning your router).

If you can’t make out the reason for the slow working of your network, it’s time for you to log into your router in order to look for a bandwidth monitor. Sometimes the model of router can also be the problem especially in the cases when you are trying to increase your download speeds over wireless connection. Changing your old router with the new one can substantially improve your internet speed. Once you’ve checked the networking gear and made sure that you aren’t losing any performance to applications or devices which are saturating the available bandwidth, it’s important to make sure if you’re getting the maximum performance from your ISP. If the ISP is not delivering the required performance which you’re paying for, don’t assume that paying for a higher and costlier plan is going to fix things. Always make sure to check with the service provider on the nature of the problem.

Another alternative available for increasing the downloading speed is exploring the option of Download Managers. There are numerous different download managers available on the internet for downloading which can help to increase the overall downloading speeds of your internet. They achieve it by splitting a particular file into different segments and then distributing it over different other connections to the site.

If you have tried all these steps but they have not yielded anything; then it’s time to switch your service provider. Because in India whatever speed they promise, you get 1/4th of that speed because of the fact that there are 3 other connections on the same source of yours. And because of this speed of different service providers differ even if the package is the same.