5th Mode of Transportation – Hyperloop


Hyperloop is a conceptual high momentum transportation system innovated by “Elon Musk”.

It is a high speed capsule that is pumped through a low pressure tube using industrial air pumps. In, general it is like a pipe with very less air inside avoiding friction.

It is considered to be the 5th mode of transportation as it differs from any of the existing modes. It is a tube that contains air moving at just under the speed of sound.

This system is as fast as a commercial air flight. Also it claims it’s much safer than Air Travel.

How does it get the speed?

hyperloop1The Hyperloop uses air-suspension (imagine an air-hockey game) for the passenger capsule inside a partially evacuated tube. Hence friction gets minimized. It uses linear motion instead of normal rotatory motion, which is a very unique technology. Hence this makes it swifter and economical than the magnetic-levitation trains.

What’s the cost of construction?

The proposed budget on the ongoing Los Angeles region to the San Francisco Bay Area project of Hyperloop is one-tenth of the California High Speed Project’s budget. Approximate budget is estimated to be around $6 Billion.

How good is its efficiency?

The efficiency of Hyperloop is very high as its coast along 90% of the travel. Also ‘Elon Musk’ has told that the capsule of it is covered by Solar panel arrays, which is more than capable of generating power for its running. In fact it will produce power more than required. Hence it makes it self-sufficient.

How safe and convenience is the Hyperloop?

It is designed to withstand all weather conditions, even earthquakes. It is accident free as well.

Entire journey from Los Angeles to San Francisco Bay Area would take less than 30 minutes, 30 minutes is the normal time taken to board the plane only. Hence is extremely convenient to travel.

How does it work?

As we mentioned it’s a 5th mode of transportation. It has to be unique than what we have, right?

It consists of capsules and these Capsules float by pumping air through side channels to overcome gravity. Giant energy efficient motors and propels the capsule through a low pressure tube. The low pressure allows the tube to move at extremely high speed.  Friction is conquered by placing an air compressor at the front of the capsule.


Like the wind in your face while riding a bike would be slowed by the air coming in opposite direction and heat would be generated. The air compressor pumps in the extra air inside, compresses it and uses that same air to further propel the capsule to its cruising speed.

It can be stopped by just reversing the effect, like changing the direction of the air flow which will create a resistance and slow it down.

What makes it better than other existing transportation?

Firstly it’s an open source, Hence it has all the capability to get improved a lot more. It will revolutionize the medium distance travel without any doubt.

With medium distance we mean more than 100km and less than 2000km. Hyperloop has 0% pollution rate which makes it environmental friendly. It’s faster, economical, safer and more reliable. It has all the potential to revolutionize the transportation in coming days.