What is HP Chromebook 13? Know Everything


Chrome book is a laptop that runs on a chrome operating system. It uses cloud technology and provides access to files through internet. The Google and other laptop retailers together develop these chromebooks for user’s applications.


HP Chrome book 13 is another successor of chromebooks that comes with promising features and stunning new thinner design. The laptop has made a great impact among chromebook users but it comes at a very high cost. The device has many updated features and unique design compared to other chromebooks.

FEATURES and Specs

Outer Design and Screen Display:

HP chrome book 13 is much sleek and comes with hard solid and brushed anodized aluminum cover with hp logo at its center and chrome logo at its right end. HP chromebook 13 has 13.3 inch WLED screen display and 3200×1800 pixels of resolution and can be configured to QHD (Quad HD) display.

Key board and Track Pad:

The device has illuminated keyboard which is lot convenient to use even in dim lights. The track pad has some issues like rough surface and little less touch sensitive which makes it hard to use.

Communication Ports:

The pair of USB-C ports provides faster sharing and transfer of data. Optional HP elite USB-C allows you to connect up to two full HD displays and other USB devices. It also has Wi-Fi, Bluetooth 4.0, HD web camera and micro SD card reader.

Audio Display:

The device consists of good sets of B&O (Bang & Olufsen) speakers that deliver good clarity in audio.

Processor and Memory:

HP chrome book 13 uses new generation core M processors developed by Intel and 8 GB of RAM which is expandable upto 32 GB storage.


The battery lasts for about 11.5 hours. The device is of light weight, this feature comparatively results in increased battery life.


  • Sleek casual design
  • BO audio and Quad HD display
  • Increased Performance
  • USB- C port
  • Illuminated keyboard


  • Expensive
  • Little variations in battery life
  • Crunchy Track pad


HP chromebook 13 is one of the mightiest creations of Google and HP. It has many updated features which enhance its performance compared to other chromebook devices and makes it more comfortable for user’s personal as well as business applications. The cost of the device plays a prominent role, chromebook 13 is expected to cost around $500 and this is a huge setback for a chromebook device with above technical specifications. The cost factor might make it of less interest among the chromebook users.