How to Turbo Boost your MacBook Air?


Apple has been building its Mac computers with Intel processors for a while now. As, Intel processor chips has the ability to turbo boost which make Mac computers to be able to use turbo boost technology as well.

But, there is a slight catch here that Apple gives you no control to handle these turbo switches, which essentially means you cannot turn on and off the turbo at your will. But the Apple Mac books will be able to handle these automatically.

Yes, Apple is able to handle this automatically is a good for most of the users but for some it’s a matter of concern as they wish to have their control over it. Best reason to have a control over it is when you find your Mac being heated up quite quickly as the turbo boost is automatically turned on. Under this circumstance its best to take control and switch the turbo off.

Key features of Intel turbo boost is that by default the processor runs at 2.3GHz, and when under heavy load it automatically increases its core speed up to 3.3GHz.

Let’s look at some of the factors that sets this up:

  • Temperature of the processor
  • Power consumption rate
  • Current consumption rate
  • Number of active CPU cores.

Hence I will be showing the best practical way to have the control over your MacBook Air:

  1. Firstly download the software called “Turbo Boost Switcher” which is free and open source as well.
  2. Next step is to install the downloaded software, once the download is complete double click on and unzip the file and continue to install. If the installation is done with no error then skip the next step.
  3. If you see a message like “can’t be opened because it is from a non-identified developer”, then you have to do some change in your system settings. Go to “System Preferences”, next open “Security and Privacy” and then tick the “Anywhere”. Now again go ahead and install the software.
  4. Once the application is launched, an icon which looks like a ‘thunderbolt’ will appear in the below status bar. Now double click on it then a drop down menu will be open up.
  5. Which will contain the current temperature of the CPU, along with fan’s RPM (number of rotations per minute). Below these you will see “Enable/Disable Turbo Boost”, click the option of your choice. The drop down menu will look like the below pic.


That’s all you need to do, now the turbo is in your control!

Disabling the Turbo Boost in some scenario will hurt the performance of the CPU’s heavy tasks by about one-third, but it does not significantly slow things down on lighter tasks. Macbook Air also gets cooled during this and gains 25% more battery life. This is a very handy solution to save the battery when we are on a run and helps it last long. We could expect Apple to get this feature done manually in future but till then, you now know to do it without being the Apple of the Eye.