How to Transfer Photos from iPhone to a Computer?


The directions from Steve Job to Apple Inc’s engineers began the history of the iPhone line of phones when he asked them to examine the touch screen devices and tablet computers, to launch a similar device which later came to accomplishment with the iPad. Apple’s iPhone design and operation experience makes it unique and very easy to use. IPhone’s camera quality is also remarkable and it is amazing to take pictures with its awesome camera. Images are also saved from applications like Safari and mail to the iPhone. But with all new updates and all new models of iPhone getting released the image quality and resolution is getting improved and for that one is surely going to need more storage space. In order to avoid this one needs to know how to transfer the photos and videos from iPhone to the computer thus eliminating the problem of less storage space and allows the iPhone user to click more pictures day by day creating new memories.


1. Using Windows Explorer

iPhone is treated as similar to digital camera or a file system by Windows. The easiest way to transfer photos from your iPhone to your PC is by using Windows Explorer. For this the first step will always be to unlock the iPhone from the beginning or else the photos will not appear.

Using Windows Plug & Play
The moment a device is connected to the computer a pop-up shows by default with the help of USB. First the iPhone is connected to the computer without iTunes running and immediately after that a pop-up will appear asking you what to do with the connected device. After that the next step would be selecting “View Content” on the pop-up and with that all the photos on the iPhone will be displayed on the computer through which one has to select the pictures which he wants to transfer to the computer by the method of copying from Windows.

Using iPhone as Digital Camera in Windows Explorer
When the phone is plugged into the PC one has to open “My Computer.”  There iPhone folder will appear. Once you select that folder photos will appear on the screen and one has to select the photos which he wishes to transfer to the computer. Same method of copying and pasting will be used selecting the desired location for pasting the photos on the computer.

2. Using iTunes

Windows users can sync the photos on their devices with the help of iTunes on their computer. In order to individually select some photos from the iPhone to be transferred to the computer one should place the individual photos folders into a larger folder giving way to more subfolders. From that one can select which folders to sync with Computer. To do this one has to first organize the photos in iPhone and then plug it in the computer and open iTunes. iPhone icon will appear on the iTunes windows . Select the iPhone icon and click on the Photos folder under settings. “Sync Photos.” Will be the next step and next “Choose folder…” will be selected from the drop down menu and the folder which is to be synced will be selected and then click Apply to transfer.

3. Using iCloud

iCloud is a storage facility provide by the Apple Company in all its devices. iCloud is used to store ones photos , videos , documents etc in an online storage device making the iPhone more spacious enabling the person to click more pictures without worrying about storage and not deleting anything important also. iCloud has to be enabled on the iPhone in Settings turning on Photo Stream. After that iCloud Control Panel is downloaded onto the Computer. With this all the photos taken by the iPhone will automatically be saved directly onto the computer when connected to the WIFI. If one is not connected to the WIFI then in that case photos will get synced the moment the phone gets connected to WIFI.

4. Using Drop box

Dropbox is a file hosting software by Dropbox Inc. offering cloud storage, synchronization of files etc. In order to use Dropbox to transfer iPhone photos to computer the first step is to install Dropbox app on both the iPhone as well as the computer. After installing the app open the Dropbox app on the iPhone and switch to Uploads tab. The + icon is pressed and the photos which are to be transferred are selected. After that the destination is selected where the photos are to be uploaded. After this the photos selected are to be downloaded to the Dropbox folder on the computer.

5. Using robust iPhone data transfer tool

One of the best and most easily accessible transfer applications on iPhone is TunesGo. It is an easy way to transfer photos from an iPhone device to the computer for the people who find syncing photos from the iPhone to the computer difficult. It helps in managing the iPhone easily and responds faster. It also has a video conversion tool. To use the app one has to first open the iPhone transfer tool and plug in the iPhone to the computer. The “Photos” folder is selected and in that the photos to be transferred to the computer are selected. After that “Export to” icon is selected and photos are exported to any location on the computer and the photos will be easily transferred.

These are some of the ways in order to transfer photos from the iPhone to your computer. With these steps one has to never worry about less space on their iPhone.