How to Sync Bookmarks of other Browsers with Safari?


We had just discussed about the iCloud on Windows in our previous article, (insert link) How to Install and Use Apple iCloud on Windows Computers. The Apple iCloud is an online storage service that has been aimed towards the Apple users mainly. It helps in synchronizing (or syncing) data such as document files, pictures, application settings, between Apple devices registered under the same Apple ID. This guide applies especially to those who have an Apple device, and also uses the Windows environment.

When the latest version, the Safari 6, has been launched, an Apple spokesperson had stated that it will not be available on Windows. Hence, the Safari 5 is the last browser to run on Windows itself. Although one can always shift to other browsers such as Chrome, or Firefox, both on Mac and Windows, the Safari browser being the native client of Mac and the iOS works best when other softwares or apps wishes to open a browser link.

Even if you are not a Safari user on Windows platform, the main problem of synchronizing your Chrome or Firefox bookmarks remains. While Google Chrome can easily synchronize bookmarks from the same Gmail ID, it will not obviously sync with other browsers, one of them being Safari. To solve this, (I hope you have guessed it by now) the iCloud comes to the rescue.

Not only does iCloud comes with the ability to synchronize your files and settings, it also can sync your browser bookmarks and even that of Internet Explorer.

Assuming that you have installed iCloud on your Windows computer, if you haven’t done so then do follow our guide whose link is provided above.

For Chrome and Firefox, you need to install extensions for the iCloud sync. However, be cautioned that if you use two browsers, and both of them have similar bookmarks, then duplicates will appear on the Safari bookmark list, so accordingly, remove these from either your Chrome or Firefox before starting to sync.

Installing browser extensions for Chrome and Firefox

Google Chrome

Click here to go to the extension page and press + Add to Chrome.


Mozilla Firefox

Click here to go to the extension page and press + Add to Firefox.


If you now check the options in the iCloud dialog box, then the respective extensions will now start to transfer all of your bookmarks to your cloud and they will appear on Safari.

I hope this guide has come in handy. If you wish to know anything regarding iCloud or Bookmark syncing then do mention it in the comments section below.