How to Remove Music Easily from the Apple watch


From the time, when the developers have created the gadget called Smart Watch, a new era of innovation has started. Smart watch is a type of watch actually but has some better facilities than any other ordinary watches. It is a mini phone that one can wear. It is capable of producing sound and making calls. It can also be connected to a phone.

Smart watches have their very own operating system which is able to run a variety of applications that one need for a better lifestyle. One can also install many games and run it in their smart watch. Apple has launched it’s very first smart watch generation 1 last year. It has an operating system version 1.1.

This Apple smart watch is very much popular in the market, though the price of this watch is not so very budget friendly and it comes around 448$ bucks in the market. This watch has storage of 2 GB and a person can add music up to 2 GB only. The music can be played by using the speaker of the Bluetooth or through the headphones when it is out of the reach of the iphone. Therefore, removing the music application is also possible but it requires some easy steps. But one must use the iphone in order to remove the music application from the watch.

Follow the steps below to remove music files from Apple Watch

  1. Tap on the “watch” icon placed on the home screen to make the watch application icon very much active for the entire process.
  2. After that it is important to select the music application icon on the “my watch” screen. Just after the selection, the playlist will be placed just after the option the playlist which is synced.
  3. For removing the music application or the playlist one needs to touch on the playlist which is synced. It will select the application to complete the operation and will give marks to check the list of the playlists available on the phone.

Note: One must always remember to keep the phone in charging position so that the watch can charge the synced playlist application for removing it.

  1. After this process it, scrolling the list for selection the “none” option is important.
  2. Now if there is no synced music present there on the watch, there will be a mark for checking it situated just after the next button.
  3. It will show that no music is there on the watch if one tries to select the playlist.

This is how one can very easily remove the music from the watch just by using a very simple guide. This process is easy and very much time sufficient. It can be done within a span of 10 minutes easily. But during this operation one needs to remember some important points. These are that during the removal of the music the phone must be kept in charging option which is very important and the watch application must be selected through the iPhone so that the operation can be done successfully. Many users have found this instruction to be very useful in their works. Therefore, try it , follow the important rules and make it a success.