How to Free Up Space in iPhone 6S?


Filling up storage of your phone in today’s world is so easy because of all the progressive applications, better quality cameras generating detailed photos and quality videos, console-grade games. Even the 64GB storage users run out of storage so it is a lot worse for 16GB storage users. Every iPhone user wants to buy the latest iPhone model released by Apple because of the added features. If anyone who has bought the cheapest entry-level iPhone 6s because they are expensive it comes with 16GB of storage and a 8 megapixel camera with the feature of live photos the space is going to be fill up fast. But on the other hand to prevent spending extra money in order to upgrade to a higher capacity model there are many ways to free up space on the iPhone.

1) Delete Useless Apps

The first step in order to free up space on your iPhone should always be to delete the useless apps. This is very simple as one has to see which apps are not required on the phone and are barely used and are acting as a barrier so one should delete them as the deleted apps can be re-downloaded using iCloud. Only useful apps should be stored rest everything else is superfluous. Most apps are 10mb to 50mb in size but the games can be very big from 500mb to 1gbin size. Reference apps are also large in size which has features like 3D graphics like science or history apps. Therefore one should check every app and game on their iOS device and should get rid of the unused apps. This can be done by simply tapping and long pressing the icon until it juggles and then tap the X in the corner.
2) Delete books

Deleting eBooks can also help in freeing up space. A majority of eBooks occupy less than 1MB space but nowadays even eBooks are coming with distinct features like high-end graphics and even in some eBooks videos are also embedded. Reference books are the books occupying a lot of space. Therefore to avoid this “iBooks” folder should be opened and the book should be selected and deleted without any haste. The advantage of this is also that the books and videos can be re-downloaded taking a lot less time.

3) Offload Your Photos and Videos

Taking a quick snap is easier these days with the help of iPhone or any smart phone. But with this the problem which arises is the aggregation of photos and videos basically leading to filling up the storage .In order to avoid this the photos and videos should be offloaded properly on the computer .  For doing this there are various techniques including importing with the help of iCloud or with the help of dropbox or even by simply copy pasting the photos from the phone on the computer using windows explorer. Once all the photos are copied on the computer the same should be deleted from the phone clearing up the space.

4) Clearing out Safari Cache

Browsing over the web is has become an inevitable part of Smartphone users. Using iOS Safari browser the images and data from the website gets saved in its cache taking up more space. This can also be avoided by simply hopping over to Settings followed by Safari and in there clearing history and website data. Also if you want to keep some of the history data then it is just couple menus deeper. Tap on Advanced and there select Website Data and tap “Remove All Website data.”

5) Delete and Reinstall Apps

This step may sound implausible at first but at the same time by deleting an app and reinstalling the same one can save hundreds of megabytes of space. It can be attributed to the augmentation to the apps, videos and even documents and data stored. Most excess files are cleared on regular basis but some files are left behind. Hence by deleting and reinstalling the apps leads to disposal of such cached files.

By simply following these basic steps one will never regret buying the 16GB model of the latest iPhone.