How to Enable / Disable Auto-Play of Facebook in iPhone?


The new version of Facebook application adds auto play feature on your news feed. We all do not want some unwanted video file to keep running without our permission. Hence keep reading I have a perfect recipe to stop them.

Best part of this auto play feature is that the videos when starts playing automatically do not automatically play the sound. Yes, this is kind of weird but Facebook does some help to us not to play the audio of the video file on its own. Also FB developers took some suggestions and re-launched new app, in which you can disable this auto play feature only on cellular network but not on Wi-Fi. Later after many objections on this auto play they finally have this feature to be removed even on the Wi-Fi networks.

Auto-play video feature can at times be very annoying especially when you are doing some serious work on your Facebook or any other social media. Yes, you like to see and share the good content which are shared by your beloved friends. But not all the contents right?

Now let us look into disabling this annoying feature, as I told earlier Facebook developers launched this disabling feature two times. So this an updated guide which covers the newest version.

Steps to be followed to disable the Auto-Play feature on iPhone or other iOS devices:

  1. Launch the “Facebook” application on the iPhone.
  2. Find the “More Menu” (Three horizontal lines on the bottom right corner) and press on it.
  3. Now you will be able to see to see many options, search for the “Settings” in the drop-down menu and tap open the “Settings
  4. Now you will able to see three options
    1. Account Settings
    2. News Feed Preferences
    3. Activity log
  5. Select the “Account Settings
  6. You will able to see drop down menu with lot of options, search for the “Videos” and tap open it.
  7. Now, you will a list of options now you will be able to see the magic word you been looking for “Auto-Play” now tap on it.
  8. Next, it to set “Smart Auto-play” on or off
  9. Once it’s on you have the facility to choose among the three other options
    1. Use Cellular Data and Wi-Fi
    2. Use Wi-Fi only
    3. Never Play Videos Automatically

Now you have all the powers to do what you intent to do.


This feature helps you to save a lot of data which were burned out by unwanted video files that used to run automatically. The logic behind this Auto-Play feature of Facebook is yet not clear. Maybe most of the people assume it could be for the video ads, but I think Facebook has evolved much more than that as a company to do those silly stuffs. Now as they rolled out the disabling feature certainly helped many users, it just shows they are concerned for their users.