How to Boost a Slow Windows PC Speed?


It’s hardly matters if you have got a new Windows PC which runs extremely fast and performs well. But sooner or later it will get slow down as time goes off. This happens because of installing many programs, downloading it with antispyware and antivirus and unlimited download of junk from the net. This slowing down process takes place so gradually that you don’t notice them on time, until the day one tries to open a file or program and fails to open it. You go crazy on seeing your PC not responding.

Whatsoever the reason as you know every problem has solution so there are many ways to speed up Windows and your computer work faster, without upgrading the hardware find below few tricks to fasten up the performance of your Window PC.

1. Troubleshoot Performer:

First, you can start to troubleshooter, which automatically search and fix issues. It finds the cause which is reducing the speed of your PC, like the current number of users logged on to a PC and the number of program runs at the same time.

How to use the Troubleshooter: Go to Start button, and then click Control Panel. In the search box, type troubleshooter and then click troubleshooting. Under system and security; click check for performance issues.

2. Deletion of unused programs:

Most of the newly purchased PC is stored with programs which you may not have ordered. These editions are for trial and are limited versions of programs that these IT companies want to advertise and the user may find it useful and pay more to get it upgraded to get the complete version or the new version. If you find it useless or you are not going to use them in the future, then it’s better to uninstall them and keep your PC memory and disk space free to increase the speed of your computer. This unwanted software installed by the manufacturer or by you should be uninstalled time to time.

3. Limitation of programs during start-up

Lot many programs are designed in such a way that it starts automatically when window starts which slow down the performance of your PC and there is no control of yours on such programs. These programs are useful to those which you use frequently, but for those you don’t use or use rarely then it consume memory and decrease the speed of the PC. Such programs need to be controlled or removed to boost the speed up your slow PC.

4. Hard Disk Defragmentation

Your Computer Hard Disk gets slow due to fragmentation and disk defragmenter regroups the fragmented data which helps the hard disk to perform better. You can defragment the hard disk manually.

5. Cleaning the Hard Disk

Many unwanted files stored in your Hard Disk consume lots of disk space and reduce the speed of your computer. So using Disk Clean up once in a day will remove all the temporary files and many other system files which we don’t need or use and also empties the Recycle Bin.

In order to keep your PC running smooth, it’s very important that you clean it regularly and do not install unnecessary stuff on it. However, for a regular PC user its a bit difficult to avoid downloading things, but making it clean and protected from virus is the only way to make it run smoother all the time.

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