How to Effectively Block Spam Calls Using TrueCaller?


TrueCaller is a smartphone app that is a must have as it provides a wide variety of utilities. Primarily it tells the caller ID of an unknown number – if you received any missed call from an unknown number, for example, then TrueCaller notifies whose number it was. This also applies to whether this is an advertisement call, which is what we would like to avoid. However, we can make TrueCaller more useful by instructing it to block all these unwanted numbers.

Utilities of TrueCaller

Before we delve into our guide, we explain how TrueCaller works and the utilities it can provide. First of all, one needs to have an active Internet connection (either Wi-Fi or mobile data) to register to TrueCaller network. Registering on TrueCaller network will add you in their database, so if one were to search the owner of your own number then all details will be divulged. Note that the person needs to know your number to be able to see details. TrueCaller ensures of your privacy and does not ask nor divulges sensitive information. One can also add somebody’s information to the TrueCaller database if that number has not been registered. Subsequently, if a profile has been created, then TrueCaller updates as necessary.
Similarly, just like adding a number, a TrueCaller user can Report & Block a number as a Spam number and when it reaches sufficient number of reports, it is classified as Spam and you are notified accordingly. However, while you can easily reject these calls, it is tiring if you receive innumerable ad calls. So we will instruct TrueCaller to reject spam calls in the following steps.

Blocking Spam numbers

The following screenshot is a list of all the spam numbers that I had previously rejected and TrueCaller added it to the Manage spam lists. The problem of blocking is that advertisement numbers do not use the same number all the time. So putting them in the spam list is useless and you will still receive these calls. However, this is not the end of the road as the screenshot shows a pattern. Did you notice it?


    1. First launch TrueCaller and tap on Block, located at the bottom-right corner of the screen.true-caller2
    2. Now tap on the blue overflow button to open a secondary list.true-caller3
    3. We will select Number series as we wish to block all ad calls and from our very first screenshot, we notice that they all start with the number 1400. We insert the following instructions as shown in the screenshots below. After that tap OK.


Now tapping on Manage blocked callers will show something like this.


The third step is entirely experimental. The above step did not work, so the method that worked for me was to select Numbers that contain and enter the same number, i.e. 1400.

After that all ad calls that came on my mobile were automatically blocked by TrueCaller. Do note that once the settings have been done, one can go offline and TrueCaller will still block calls for you. The internet is simply required to save the settings on their cloud. TrueCaller will also notify you of the calls that blocked as well as shown below.

true-caller7Do note that although this method has been effective, it will block any unknown number that has the combination 1400. So far there has not been any problem that arose for me as yet. The solution in that case would be to save that number, otherwise. Hence it is recommended to check the notifications sometimes.

Does this guide help solve your spam call problems? Mention in the comments below.