How to Backup and Restore Contacts on Galaxy Smartphones?


Backing up of contacts – or any other information for that matter – is the bread and butter of all devices. Even before smartphones had hit the market, feature phones – as they were called – came with the facility to backup or restore contacts on or from memory cards. It is no doubt that even smartphones provide this as well. However, as the Android user interface and apps are tailored by manufacturers, it is possible to not exactly remember where to find this option. As a confession, even I had to ponder for a while before finding the right option. So, without further delay, read on to enlighten yourself of backing up and restoring contacts.

For the screenshots, the device used here is the Samsung Galaxy S Duos 2. The TouchWiz UI differs from the stock Android UI as well as other manufacturer’s UI, but the basic idea is the same.

Backing up contacts

This should be an activity that you must follow at least once every year. Unless you need to add many contacts in a month, then it will be an unnecessary backup. Many times on social feeds, I see people posting about losing their contacts and asking people who have their numbers to contact them. Often times, these messages go unnoticed and not everyone will respond to it. So restoring from a backup is the most foolproof method and saves time and hassle.

  1. Open Contacts from your Home Screen and tap on the Menu button (to the left of the Home button) to reveal the Options menu.



(Optional) Before we start the backup, here are the steps to ensure that all contacts are displayed in your Contacts to ensure a full backup.

  1. In the Options menu, scroll down and tap on Contacts to display and then select All contacts as shown. After selection, tap on the Back to go to the Contacts screen.

backup-restore-contacts4 backup-restore-contacts5

  1. Tap the Menu button and press Import/Export (yes, somehow I also missed this as I was looking for a ‘Backup’ option). I recommend with Export to SD Card, as it is more convenient. Export to USB Storage saves your backup on a computer with which you have connected your phone to. Press “Yes” to confirm.

backup-restore-contacts6 backup-restore-contacts7 backup-restore-contacts8

The backup will be successfully saved onto your memory card.

Restoring contacts

In the event that you had to format your phone, or you wish to transfer all of your contacts to a new smartphone, then these are the following steps to be done. Note that for this guide, I have not performed the very last step, i.e. confirmation to restore, as restoring contacts will duplicate existing contacts.

  1. Open Contacts from your Home screen and tap on the Menu button. Press Import/Export option and then press Import from SD Card. This will search for an existing backup on your SD Card automatically.


  1. The device will prompt where to save. It is advised to save in a Google account, such that you will be able to sync all of your contacts on Google cloud.


After the restoration, the Contacts will be populated with all of your phone numbers, addresses, and other information.


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