Google’s new OnHub Router-Now no need to put router in any corner of your Room!


Now a days we all are using Wi-Fi routers . We all know that they are not much attractive and we hide in any corner of our room because of that  bundle of cords along with them. NO body wants to see those bundles. Right!

Yeah! Ofcourse . But now Google has come up with an attractive  OnHub router that you would like to put on your table. We all know that Wi-FI networks are stronger when routers are visible and in our reach. There antennas can send their signals when there are limited obstacles like furniture and walls.

Well! We all have seen people around us, who suffer due to bad speed of Wi-Fi and do shift the locations of their routers in order to get good networks and there is no surprise in it that it works.

Routers, available in market are boring and black in colour. So, now the time has come to replace your Wi-Fi router with a colourful, advance, more stylish then the expectations of crowd, designed by Google.

Yes! Sounds Amazing!!!

Google says that OnHub will simplify the set-up of a router and the day to day management of wireless would be much easier then before.

It costs $199. Speed tests for this router results in high speed as compare to an Apple Airport Extreme router, which is also comes under the  range of the good routers. The speed test showed that the difference in both router’s speed was 6 megabites per second. On-Hub performed well, when tested for long distances. On the other hand , we can say only a slight difference was measured in network performance.

This device is a Cylindrical one, and made of swappable plastic. The device has come up with its  outer shell in two colors,black and blue. Google is planning to attract the audience and said that On-Hub will surely be in many more colors in future.

It is pretty  cool and amazing device . This device provides options for the adjustment of brightness. They have tried to tone down the lights of the router. The router would blink only when it needs to tell you something about it.

The really amazing feature of OnHub is its app. Now , you can set up the whole network on its app and it really does a good job over simple language. Now, it is quite easier to manage and control the problem  where user can effectively monitor the network .

This device can only  be set up using app on iOS and Androids. There is no option if you to set it up using desktops or computers .The app gives instructions to the users in order to make a set up of it.

It would display the number of devices, thoses are attached to it. Noe you need not to check over the consumption of data per device , because it will keep an eye on this and would show you the details.

You can play your favourite songs and music and anything that you like just by prioritizing on it.

Moreover, It would ping you if any problem encounters and would suggest you the steps for fixing it.                                                                                                                                         Now it is easy to share the network details with your friends through app ,no need to use paper pen for writing your alphanumeric password . If there is an problem with the connection and you getting complain from your home about it, No worry! You can simply solve the problem remotely even when you are not at home.

This is a thrilling launch in the market of routers and soon companies like TP-LINK and ASUS will come with their OnHub routers. Google has involved third party for it like it has approached other companies for hardware in case of Chromebook and Google Nexus mobile phones.

Well, It is a great option for anyone and everyone to Upgrade their Wi-Fi Network and enjoy its lavish features .

Soon , It will avail the facility of Bluetooth and ZigBee that is built-in but not enabled yet.

It has 3 Watt speaker and automatic update is available to make  future enhancements easy.Unfortunately there is no Microphone That could disappoint the google now fans. But The features are lovely and enough to gather the crowd  towards  it . It would be just like a pretty spot  at your home and everybody would love it. Hurry! And grab it.

It is available for pre-order  on Google.