Google is all ready to take over the world by making a half billion dollar data centre in the US.


Google is all set to build its new data centre in Clarksville. Google always maintains to be in that giant news and this time it is investing half a billion dollars almost which is said to increase 70 full time jobs. The Montgomery County Commission and the Clarksville- Montgomery County Industrial Development Board are set to vote on the land deal. With the approval the giant tech company then will be able to purchase agreement with the industrial development board which actually holds the title to the property.

It is assumed that The Google Data Centre may abolish bitterness in Clarksville from Hemlock shuttering its 1.2 billion dollar polysilicon plant before it started. County leaders talked about the operation which was initially to employ 500, as a potential economic driver similar to the military base at Fort Campbell. In abandoning such project nearly some time ago, the Michigan based Dow corning subsidiary cited an oversupply of polysilicon which is a base material needed for the solar panels and also the threat of potential tariffs on its products sold into China.

Ron Bailey, vice president of business development with The Greater County Chamber of Commerce in Scottsboro said that the more customers they are having who uses google, the more the slow down the server and he also added that their need of storage capacity for the cloud would be the driver for their want for more space.Though Google has not yet said anything related to the compensation information but sources reported that the jobs planned at the data centre in Bridgeport near Chattanooga are expected to pay about 45000 dollar a year plus benefits. And the surprising fact is that Google’s biggest need of labors at that location is for the technicians who necessarily do not require any college degree.

Regarding the access at the site to renewable energy from the Tennessee Valley Authority is likely appealing to Google, which also has a goal of using 100 percent renewable energy at its data centres and also it is said that this giant tech company might receive economic incentives for locating the data centre in Clarkville.

At the ACM SIGCOMM conference, the secretive search giant revealed how their system works. They said about their humble beginnings, their missteps and how they built five generations of data centre network infrastructure. Their latest generation Jupiter network has improved the capacity by more than 100x relative to the first generation network, which delivers more than 1 petabit per second of total bisection bandwidth.

Though Google’s need for so many computers in the data centre has turned the company into a major electricity user, but the management is constantly looking for productive ways to reduce power consumption to protect the environment with lowering their expenses. Way to go for this huge tech company. Google to doodle again and now with its huge business project that includes the job opportunities for many people.