Google Pixel Complete Review


PIXEL is a new smart phone developed by Google. It has the new version of Android Nougat 7.1 operating system and consists of many enhanced features in both hardware and software dimensions. It is expected to be released by October 20, 2016 and announced on 5th Oct 2016.


HD Video Display:

The device comes with 1080 pixel HD display so that the quality of video is considerably good when compared to other devices.

Color & Appearance:

The Pixel is available in three different colors namely very silver, really blue and quite black. The above new colors give a unique look to the mobile.


The device with 5 inch display consists of 12MP rear camera and 8MP front camera. It also has new features like Smart burst and Lens blur which adds good shot to the pictures.


The average battery life of Pixel is considered to be about 7 hours even when charged only for fifteen minutes. The battery performance is enhanced compared to other devices the USB-C port is capable of fast charging the battery.

Performance & Storage:

The Pixel runs on Snapdragon 821 processor by Qualcomm with 4GB RAM that provides enhanced battery life, faster and reliable performance. The device has three different storages like 32 GB and 128GB.

Operating System:

Google pixel comes with Android Nougat (Android N 7.1) the new version of android software built on open JDK- based java environment to support common code base between java on android and other platforms. The Operating system provides enhanced features and interfaces that make the device more attractive. It consists of different display of icons in a circular form and swipe up navigation on the screen.

Google Assistant:

Google assistant in Pixel provides many features that provide detailed information through conversation it is advanced so that we can set up remainders and notifications as well.

 Allo and Duo:

Google Pixel has preinstalled standalone apps Allo and Duo. Allo is Google’s new messaging app that incorporates company’s formidable search, machine learning and security technologies. Duo is Google’s new video calling app which makes video calling easy and it also provides preview of callers before answering the video call.


  • Enhanced Operating system
  • Easy to use
  • Easy switch between the menu
  • Increased battery performance


  • Dusky design
  • Not Cost efficient


Google Pixel has many features which enhance its performance compared to other mobile devices. But the design and cost factors make it less attractive yet the mobile is expected to make an impact among android users.