Everything About Google NEXUS 6P – Full Review


Previously, we have discussed about the previous generation Nexus device – the Nexus 5. As you all might be aware, the Nexus line of devices are manufactured under Google itself, and it comes with the cleanest Android distribution with no unnecessary bloatwares.

Although the Nexus has the advantage of future updates, its performance against other competing smartphones from other manufacturers was far behind. However, the latest Nexus 6P is breaks all stereotypes of the Nexus devices. Look’s like Google has listened to Nexus users’ pleas and provided what everyone had been wanting in the first place. We look at the key points that made this a must-buy for true experience Android lovers.


First of all, the 6P comes with a superb set of camera which competes well against other smartphone cameras as well. We will discuss their facilities later. Not only that, the device looks very stylish with its all metal design. The front side of the device features a 5.7 inches touchscreen and features a front dual speakers which gives good sound than smaller speakers located in the back side.
Speaking of which, the back side looks appealing too, with the brand name printed vertically, the Nexus Imprint – Google’s fingerprint sensor, the glass bar at the top where the camera and the flash is situated, all add up to the premium feel of the device.

While the Nexus certainly looks appealing on ads, it certainly looks even more appealing when holding it. The phone is sleek and can comfortably fit on a single palm. The screen does not hold smudges that much, adding up to the sleekness and can be operated with a single hand with ease. It is marketed under three colours: grey, black and white, all monochromatic colours that provide elegance to the device.


The Nexus Imprint, that we mentioned previously is an added plus with the latest Android Marshmallow that comes with the device. Not only does it look appealing with the design scheme but is also placed judiciously where the finger can easily rest.
The device has an AMOLED display that provides a warmer colour as mentioned by those who had pre-booked this device. With the Adreno 430, one can be rest assured of the stunning display quality. The Snapdragon 810 with the octa-core 64 bit processor means not only high clarity, but also games that provide stunning visuals but require heavy processing can be handled easily. The screen glass is the latest Corning Gorilla Glass 4 that can sustain rough uses. The battery is a whopping 3450 mAh unlike any other, and has the possibility of providing a full 24 hour usage under a single charge. Last but not the least, the charging port is the new reversible USB-C type, which means you can bid goodbye to the times when you need to carefully insert your USB cable the right way up.

The device has a single nano SIM slot being a LTE compatible device.


The Nexus 6P has a 12 MP rear camera. Google has certainly wowed Android fans especially bringing extensive camera features that allows setting free shooting. It comes with very good autofocus, as well as it delivers stunning sunset sceneries thanks to the intelligent HDR. A bigger aperture means perfect shot even under low lights and works great for party pictures. Not only that, it can also easily capture 4K quality video with up to 60 frames per second. And if that is not enough, the device can also capture slow motion at a frame rate of 240 frames per second, it’s simply mind-blowing!
Also to mention is the 8 MP front camera that also have low light shooting capability that is good enough for that perfect selfie click, or long internet video chats as well.


The Google Nexus 6P lacks nothing short of praises. At a price of Rs. 40000 for the 32GB and Rs. 43000, for the 32 and 64GB models, (yes this does not have expandable memory support) there is nothing short of premiumness and more people are more than happy enough owning it. From the design, to the stunning camera capabilities and the powerful processors under the hood, it certainly has hit all the checkboxes of a flagship smartphone.