Everything About Apple Mac OS


January 24, 1984 is considered as a remarkable day in the history of Apple Computer Inc. It was on this day Apple gave the world the Macintosh personal computer which was renamed to the Macintosh 128K model. Earlier; System Software or System was the name of Apple’s operating system. Then the later series was renamed to Mac OS after 7.5. The concept of graphical user interface has been popularized by the Macintosh software. Lisa OS software was the previous software for Apple’s Lisa computers. According to some agreement Xerox bought some shares of Apple and thus Apple used the concepts from the Xerox PARC Xerox Alto. This software was installed on every Macintosh computer made and was also sold separately.

How it all began?

The first version of Mac OS which was called System is distinguishable between many other operating systems because line interface command was not used by such system. Graphical user interface was used for the first time in Macintosh computer. Along with system kernel Macintosh introduced “Finder” which is used for file management as displayed on the desktop. Along with these two files the system folder also constituted of other resource files like a printer driver etc. Jef Raskin was the main head who started Macintosh project in 1978 who wanted to make an easy-to-use, low-cost computer for the average consumer. The hunt for an engineer who could put together a prototype begun in September 1979 by Raskin. Bill Atkinson introduced Burrell Smith to Raskin who was a service technician.

Mastermind behind it.

Steve Jobs the man who completely changed Apple took over the Macintosh project in January 1981. In order to implement the graphical user interface in the Macintosh computer Steve Jobs negotiated with Xerox Alto computer and Smalltalk development tools in exchange for stock options of apple. Though most of the Lisa and Macintosh computer use concepts from the Xerox alto, but a lot of alterations and additions were made by Apple in the graphical user interface including the menu bar, pull-down menus, and the concepts of drag and drop and direct manipulation.

In comparison to IBM PC which uses 8 kb of system ROM the Mac is bigger as it uses 64 kb of system ROM. Andy Hertzfeld was the main man behind the codification of the original Mac ROM. The folders and application software which is represented by the icons were designed by Susan Kare who also later designed the Microsoft windows 3.0 icons. The Macintosh Finder and the Macintosh utilities were written by Steve Capps and Bruce Horn.


Apple became very active in advertising their new machine. In 1984 all 39 pages of advertisement space of the November/December edition of Newsweek magazine were bought by apple. The marketing for the Macintosh was a success as it quickly outsold the Lisa. Macintosh operating system was not able to display many of Lisa’s operating system advances until the release of System 7 or later. Later the system was renamed to Mac OS and since then it has been one of the favorite’s operating systems among the users. With widespread reception, the market share of the operating system is on a continuous increase.