Microsoft Launched Cortana for Android & iPhone


Cortana, a personal digital assistant developed by Microsoft, is now available for iPhone and Android users as well. Microsoft has launched Cortana for three different operating systems

  1. iOS (for iPhone users) – Require iOS 8.0 & later and compatible with iPhone. iPad and iPod touch
  2. Android – Requires Android version 4.0 and up
  3. Cyanogen OS powered devices

After numerous testing and feedbacks, Microsoft has made Cortana cross-platform due to which this service can now be used by everyone using smartphones. It now allows Windows PC users to share the information across computers, android phone and iPhones. Currently, the Cortana app is only available in the US and China for iPhones and Android. By the end of December, it will be available on One Plus One powered by the Cyanogen OS in US.

Cortana has many features and functionalities that make our life easier and although the New Cortana app for iPhone & Android is not as powerful as its Windows version, there are a lot that Cortana can help you with:

Reminder Alerts: The Cortana will help you to remind your tasks to do; which have listed on your PC. So, if you have noted down to buy cake for home, an automatic alert will pop up on your smartphone as you reach near any bakery shop.


Miss call Alert: Are you driving and can’t answer a call?  Don’t worry, Cortana will get the miss call alert on PC and will generate the text message to the caller that you are busy and will call back to them later.


Easy tracking: With Cortana, now you can easily track the flights, packages, interests and lot more to plan your holidays. You will get the updates right on your device (Phone or PC) so that you don’t miss out anything.



Source: Windows Blog

Along with all the above benefits, you can definitely use the basic feature of Cortana to search for the information being asked and provide suggestions to help you. Despite being fully-featured, Android and iOS users will miss some of the features of Cortana that is available on Windows phones. But this is not the case with Cyanogen version of Cortana. It will support “Hey Cortana” in order to activate the Cortana with your voice. They also made Cortana intelligent enough to change network mode, device power, enable silent mode and many other features.

It has been heard that Cyanogen is trying to make Cortana even more powerful on Android and this evidences the partnership of Microsoft & Cyanogen earlier this year.