Full Review of Apple Watch Series 2


Apple’s watch series two is the latest version of apple’s smart watch series. It comes with the latest version of watch OS3 that can be integrated with iOS10 operating system. It comes with latest and updated features along with enhanced appearance. Apple watch series 2 consists of different editions namely watch Nike+, watch Hermes, and watch Edition. It was released on 7 September 2016 and is expected to have many attractive features and upgrades. The smart watch series 2 costs around 32,000 Indian rupees and the cost varies depending on the editions.

 FEATURES and Specs

Color & Appearance:

The Apple watch series two is available in two size variants namely 38mm and 42mm. The watch also comes in colors namely steel, aluminum and ceramic finish. The watch also has interchangeable color bands, special Nike band that comes with Nike+ edition and Hermes strap with Hermes Edition.


The Apple watch series 2 has OLED retina display so that the quality of video is considerably good when compared to other versions. The Apple watch comes with a brighter new touch screen that provides a bolder display compared to previous versions. Swipes and force touch makes the navigation process smooth and faster so that users can change settings as required easily.

Bluetooth, Wi-Fi & Gaming:

The Apple watch series 2 has Bluetooth of version 4.0. The Wi-Fi feature provides access to internet and connection to other hotspots. The new game like Pokeman Go ready is introduced in this edition.


The average battery life of Apple watch series 2 is considered to be good and is consistent for more than 18 hours. The lithium-ion battery provides enhanced performance compared to other versions of Apple watches.

Air pods- new sensation in Headsets:

The Apple watch series 2 consists of headsets which are free from head jack so that the users can experience lighter ear pods without messy wires which make it one of the most attractive features. The ear pod can also be connected with other gadgets like iPad, iPhone and laptops.

Fitness & Workout:

The Apple watch series 2 provides wide range of support for various outdoor and indoor sport and fitness activities like running,  cardio, cycling and elliptical workouts. It consists of heart rate sensor which monitors heart rate and provides complete details regarding physical workouts. The device is swim proof and so users can monitor their physical activities while swimming. The mindfulness apps are also introduced in this version so that users can nurture their mental health as well.

Performance & GPS:

The Apple watch series 2 runs on dual core processor. The above processor consists of a chip called SiP which provides enhanced battery life, faster and reliable performance. The device has built in GPS and enhances view ranger facility.

Water Resistance:

The Apple watch series 2 is swim proof and water resistant and can survive for about fifty meters deep in water.


Apple watch series 2 is one of the latest editions in the smart watch series. It has many features which enhance its performance compared to other smart watches versions and makes it more comfortable for user’s applications. The smart watch series 2 has a fresh look and new significant features like air pods and games makes it more unique compared to earlier versions. Undoubtedly the Apple watch series 2 is expected to make a huge impact among users.