Apple Smart Watch Review – Everything You Should Know



The Apple Watch is a bold device, beautifully constructed, compact smartwatch which is the product of a pronounced brand. It act as a wrist partner for things like phone calls, wireless music, has solid fitness software, many apps but require an iPhone nearby to pair with.

Technology and Features

The Apple Watch is available in three different models, different sizes with multiple color options and a wide range of exchangeable bands with approx starting price of Rs 24,000 up to Rs 1,156,000. Although it is difficult to swallow the price but hand gadget is certainly a convenience.

It receives messages, send texts and give you privilege to dictate messages, use animated emoji, make speaker-phone calls, give love taps, can even send your heartbeat as long-distance hug. It records your number of steps, logs runs as well as monitors your heart rate. You can even use the watch to listen to music via wireless headphones, pay your bills via Apple pay, run apps, get notification like a mini iPhone but requires iPhone to do most of the things or be in Bluetooth range or connected to Wi-Fi. It also has a never seen before force sensitive screen display. And of course tells the time.

Other Specifications

As per look is concerned Apple Watch is curved-rectangle, little bulky as compare to other apple gadgets but doesn’t look big on wrist and are quite comfortable. The 42 mm version is likely similar to Pebble Steel watches for its length, width and thickness. Display if scuff free while body may get scratch after a while.

The digital crown is a mini scroll wheel which resembles the part use to wind the older watches. It moves smoothly, with double click it triggers Apple Pay and second button below brings up favorite contacts.

Some features of iPhone aren’t carried to wrist watch so we can’t say it to be fully fledged replacement as it makes calls but can’t add new contacts. Dictated messages are sent as audio message or transcription without any edit function.

It doesn’t track sleep while tracks basic fitness goals, moreover third-party workout apps require an iPhone nearby. It can name songs via the Shazam app, but iPhone microphone is required as can’t listen with its own.

The tiny display of Watch isn’t big enough to watch YouTube videos and it’s terrible to write in such a teeny keyboard, trying to comment on Facebook posts. You still need an iPhone but you’ll use less than before.

Apart from some drawbacks Apple watch make you think it as a fine jewelry. There isn’t a more stylish made piece of wearable tech; it is a piece of fine craftsmanship.

Final Verdict

The Apple Watch is the most aspiring, well-constructed smartwatch ever seen, but its shortfalls like Battery of watch only lasts a day or little more than a day. Most of the models and configurations are costly than their worth. It requires an iPhone 5 to work and at times communicate slow with a paired iPhone, which might change with software update this year. Hence, Apple Watch makes it feel like a fashionable toy rather than a necessary tool.