Apple SE Review – Everything You Should Know


Recently apple has launched a new smartphone at Apple’s campus in Cupertino-The iPhone Se where SE stands for special edition. Apple has launched this phone keeping in mind the price with a much affordable price of around Rs 29000 comparable to the price of 5s but with features of 6s. It is basically iPhone 6s compressed in a 4 inch case available only in rose gold at a lower price.


The design is nearly clone to apple 5s apart it is available in rose gold color only. You even can’t spot whether it is a 5s or iPhone SE when you put on a case. There is a letter SE written on back which distinguish the two. There is matte finish at the edge of the handheld which looks good and like all other iPhone, apple logo is present which matches the color of the phone. A non metal piece is designed at the top and bottom of the rear side of the phone to cut down the cost which doesn’t look bad at all.


The processor is similar to those present in 6s and 6s plus, the A9. It is a 64 bit processor with M9, own co-processor, which is designed to record your activity and steps. Game graphics are great with awesome speed as well colors similar to those in high end phone iPhone 6s.

Battery Life

Battery life of an iPhone SE with latest iOS version that is A9 chip scores very well when compared with battery life of other smartphones although advances is limited in battery longevity as silicon uses the phone’s energy. Battery last as long as iphone 6s. Hey siri will respond even when phone is in standby.


Rear camera is 12MP same as iPhone 6s which doesn’t protrude and looks more stylish but it lacks 3D touch of 6s although it still manages to shoot live photos. Before and after shutter is fired apple collects the frame together to create a movie like sequence with ambient audio. SE can also shoot panoramic shots with great details which is equivalent to 63MP shots.

The 1.2MP front camera is not as advanced as 6s as it doesn’t have automatic HDR for videos but it includes retina flash of iPhone 6 that is it uses entire screen as flash and changes color of flash according to light.


It lacks some of the features from 6s like 3D touch screen and also super fast touch id of latest smartphones although it has first generation touch id. It still has Apple Pay.


The keyboard is quite appealing for 4 inch user but it may cause problem for 5.5 inch user as they are used to a much larger keyboard. Although by installing swiftkey make things lot better and made typing a breeze by dragging finger from one key to other.


Apple SE is a most powerful 4 inch smartphone with stylish design, technology almost same of 6s at much lower price. If you are happy with small phone this is the best phone you looking for.