Know All About Kindle – A Handy Tool for Frequent Readers


Kindle is an e-reader whose designing and marketing is managed by Amazon. Kindle devices enable the users to download, browse, buy and even read e-books, magazines and other digital media. The hardware which was developed by Amazon subsidiary Lab126 comprises of a range of numerous devices, including e-readers with E-Ink electronic paper displays, and Android-based tablets with colour LCD screens. All Kindle devices are integrated with the Kindle Store/Amazon Store to download or get content which has over four million e-books available.

A Kindle is a hand-held device which is small in size and used for reading books. Just like you download music and listen in your iPod or MP3 player similarly in case of kindle you download books (on wireless networks) to a Kindle device and read them on the device. It was launched in 2012. Name of the first edition was Kindle Fire, and latterly Amazon launched the Kindle Fire HD, improving the functionality almost similar to a tablet. Apart from the e-books the user can also download files in PDF format or any other sort of document, which can be then transferred to your kindle device for reading hence making Kindle an ideal tool for reading.

Buying books is so easy when you have an e-reader and nothing can beat the portability. Kindle weighs around 100gms and the thing is that you can jam it with as my books as you want still it’ll weigh the same; which is not the case with physical books. This ease of portability and accessibility of different books at the same time makes it a very important invention. Kindle is also very convenient. If randomly you decide to read any random book then you don’t have to go through the trouble of going to the book store or waiting for the delivery from any online book site. All you need is a stable Wi-Fi connection along with your kindle with the help of which you can download any book you wish to read. Even if the book is not available in the e-book format then you can download it in pdf format and transfer it in your kindle. The display of Kindle is very eye friendly as there is no backlight so the eyes of the reader never get strained. It’s like you are reading from a book.

This might not be a big deal for those who travel in their public vehicles but those who use public transportation frequently, Kindle is way easier to read when you are standing in a bus or on the subway when your one of the hands is busy in holding the pole or support strap because with Kindle you can hold the ‘book’ and easily turn the pages without needing both your hands to do this as in case of a physical book. Other advantage of kindle is the monetary benefit because most of the new releases or even the old ones are cheaper in e-book format as compared to physical form because of the very fact that e-books don’t have a physical essence and cost of production involved is also less.

Lastly there are some personal books that you just want to keep to yourself and don’t want others to see you reading them, with Kindle, you don’t have to worry about the questionable looks while reading one of those personal books in any of the public place.

However just like a coin has two sides same holds true for Kindle too.

If you intend to flip back and forth between sections in a book then definitely it can be done easily on paper-book as compared to Kindle. Moreover till the time you don’t get familiar with Kindle, you are going to find it very cumbersome to operate and navigate. As compared to paper-books Kindle comes with a disadvantage of battery. Although the battery backup is high because of the anti-glare screen which doesn’t have any backlight but still there may come a time when you might want to read a book but the battery of your Kindle won’t allow that.

And lastly the sensory experience which books provide like the smell of pages etc. that can’t be matched by Kindle.