16 Cool Facts About Mobile Phones That You Are Not Aware Of


Mobile phone has brought revenge in era of communication. It has made the communication easier, faster and clear too. With the launch of smart phone, mobile phone has got new definition and wider usage. Now, it is no more just a device to establish verbal communication. But, now it is more like a consolidated piece with which you can do whatever you want. Now, it is absolutely hard to find a person does not carrying mobile phone.

But, it is also a truth that everyone is not aware of all features that is present in phone. In-fact, there are some features present in phone that even the knowledgeable user of mobile is not aware of. So, here are some facts present in your mobile phone that you are not aware of.

16 Cool Facts about Mobile Phones That You Are Not Aware Of

  • World Most Expensive Phone: -iPhone 5 Black diamond the most expensive phone in world. Its cost is nearly 15 million dollar. The phone is made of solid gold and diamond.
  • Popular OS:-iOS is the most popular operating system in the World.
  • More Shopping Then Talk: – Now, the number of smart phone users has increased tremendously and it is interesting to know that 74% users use the phone for shopping.
  • Social Device:-Mobile is more like a social device, most of the smart phone users spend time on either surfing social sites or playing game.
  • Fastest Growing Industry:-mobile phone industry is the fastest growing industry in world.
  • Toughest Phone:– It is interesting to note that Sonim XP3300 Force is the toughest phone. The phone hasn’t noticed any operational damage even after getting dropped from the height of 84ft.
  • Users:– Over 80%  users of mobile in US are adults.
  • Readability:– When you send a message from your phone, within three minutes of its delivery, 90% of text are read.
  • Availability:-If you compare mobile phone availability with Personal computer then it there are more mobile phone then computers.
  • Number Of Users:- Over 80% of entire world population has mobile phone
  • Manufacturing:– China is the leading provider of mobile phones. 70% of mobile phone is manufactured in China.
  • Charging:-It will sound awkward to you, but the fact is you can even charge your phone with urine. Scientists have proved it.
  • Disease Carrier:– Do you that your mobile phone have more bacteria then your toilet seat.
  • Health Issues:– The excessive use of mobile phone or being in the radiation of mobile phone will cause health issues like confusion, Insomnia and headaches
  • Waterproof:– Your phone is not water proof? You will be surprised to know that 90% of phone in Japan are water proof.
  • Best Seller:- in year 2012, Apple created the record by selling 340, 000 phone per day. It was like selling 4 phones in a second.