12 iPhone 7 Rumors that May Surprise You


Only a few months ago, Apple announced its much awaited iPhone 6S & 6S Plus. Even the news of these phones hasn’t been settled yet; a rumor about Apple’s new iPhone in 2016 has already started flying. Some say, it will be called as iPhone 7, others are saying that it will be Waterproof. What to believe and what not to believe? Such rumors are not flying on Web until 2016. In the meantime, I have tried to collect and list all those speculations about Next new generation iPhone by apple here.

12 Rumors and Speculations of iPhone 2016 Release Date, Price, Features, Looks and Functionality

  1. It will be released on Tuesday of September 2016: By looking at the last two launches of the Apple iPhone, it has been speculated that said to iPhone 7 might launch on one of the Tuesdays of September 2016.
  2. The size of iPhone 7 is slightly confusing as some say it will be slightly bigger than the 6s up to 5.8 inches and some says it will stick to 4.7 or 5.5 inch size. But it might increase the scree to body ration which is comparatively less.
  3. iPhone 7 can be with new headphone jack or without any headphone jack. The two rumors are spreading in the market, which says that Apple might reduce the size of headphone jack called as D Jack, which they have recently patented, of just 2mm. Also, there is news which says that apple might remove the headphone jack option rom the iPhone; which leaves another question that how we will listen to music then?
  4. iPhone 7 will be waterproof. It has been anticipated that the new iPhone 2016 will be waterproof and it won’t get damaged if it gets in contact with water or even if the water comes inside the iPhone.
  5. The phone will dry itself and does not have any waterproof coating. With reference to the waterproof feature of iPhone 2016, a new rumors sprang up which says Apple is not going to coat the iPhone with any water resistant material, in fact, it will dry itself by simply shooting the water out of the device through its speakers. This is a bit confusing J
  6. No need to insert any SIM card in the new iPhone 7. Apple will come up with a concept of e-SIM i.e. an electronic SIM card. This e-SIM will replace the traditional SIM cards. So in 206, you may have to bid adieu to the physical SIM cards which reports suggest that it would make thing easier for the users and make roaming more flexible.
  7. The new iPhone 2016 will have a 3D display screen. Another touted rumor is that Apple will make iPhone 7 display 3D that too glasses free. This means, you do not have to wear those annoying 3D glasses to use the 3D screen of iPhone 7, which is said to be the part of the new iPhone 2016 designing.
  8. Sidewall display of iPhone 7. Just like Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge and S6 Edge+, apple might launch the iPhone with display on its sidewall and so maybe it will provide touch sensitive option to control music player, messaging, slide to unlock etc.
  9. Edge to Edge Display on iPhone 7 screen. A rumor says that the iPhone 7 will display images and videos edge to edge. This will improve the experience of watching videos or images on a much larger screen.
  10. Apple will introduce reversible chargers for iPhone 7. This reversible charger will have the lightning connector on one side and USB connectors on the other side.
  11. Finger Print sensors on the iPhone 7 display. Such kind of touch ID sensors usually remains situated under the home button, but if this feature comes up in iPhone 7, there will be no need of having the home button on screen. This will allow having an edge to edge display and justifies our 9th
  12. iPhone 7 will be pricey than its predecessors. If all the above rumors stand true and if this is what Apple going to offer, then rumors suggest that the price of Apple iPhone 2016 would like between 900 USD to 1000 USD.

Although none of the above rumors has been officially confirmed by Apple still users are trolling web to get the idea about iPhone 2016 version. This proves that there is no dearth of Apple lovers and that is why this technology giant always brings up something extraordinary for its fans. You can stay connected with us or follow us on Facebook or Twitter to get more updates on this.